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Q: When was the story fruit seller from kabul by rabindranathu tagore written?
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What is the name of a fruit seller?


What do you call a fruit seller?

Green Grocer

Why fruit seller don't sprinkle water on fruits but a vegetable seller do the same?

because fruit contai some genetic material and which did not want water

What is a name for a fruit and vegetable seller?

a green grocer

What is the name of a fruit and vegetable seller called?

a green grocer

What do we call people who sell fruit?

A street seller was known as a costermonger in Britain.

How is a vegetable seller is called?

In the UK, a retail shop selling fruit and vegetables is known as a greengrocers.

What has the author J S Redmayne written?

J. S. Redmayne has written: 'Fruit farming on the \\' -- subject(s): Fruit trees, Fruit, Fruit-culture

What has the author Paul Dinnage written?

Paul Dinnage has written: 'The book of fruit and fruit collery' -- subject(s): Cookery (Fruit)

What is the name for who sells fruits and vegetables?

a fruit and vegetable seller 2.) A produce Vendor or a Green Grocer

What has the author Karen Phillipps written?

Karen Phillipps has written: 'A guide to market fruits of Southeast Asia' -- subject(s): Cookery (Fruit), Fruit, Tropical fruit, Cooking (Fruit)

A fruit seller sells 5 apples at the cost price of 6 apples find his profit percent?

20 %

What is a person who sells fruit called?

fruit seller('fruit' is uncountable and doesn't have a plural unless with reference to a defined, finite and specific set of fruits (five apples in a bowl).) A greengrocer is the more common term in British English.

What has the author H C Atwell written?

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What has the author Marion Gorman written?

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What is the name of fruit and vegetable seller beginning with c?

Barrow boys selling fruit and vegetables are known as Costermongers Please see the related link below for more information.

What word fruit in Arabic mean?

Fruit : fawakee written as : فواكه

What has the author R J Hilton written?

R. J. Hilton has written: 'Frameworking fruit trees' -- subject(s): Fruit culture, Fruit trees, Grafting

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