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Q: When was the teddy bear invended?
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Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around?

Teddy bear. Teddy bear. Touch the ground. O-o -Teddy Bear, teddy bear tie your shoes. Teddy bear teddy bear, I love you.

How many days is a Teddy bear hamster pregnancy?

Teddy bears teddy teddy teddy bear yay yay make a bear today at teddy bear make a hamster with a bear with teddy bear hamster!

How long is a teddy bear pregnant for?

A teddy bear can not get pregnant. The teddy bear is full of stuffing and materials. So it is not possible for a teddy bear to get pregnant.

Why is teddy bear called teddy bear?

a teddy bear is named after our president Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore found a bear and refused to shoot it so the teddy bear is a symbol of Theodore.

Is a teddy bear hamster a dwarf?

no, a teddy bear hamster is not a dwarf. a teddy bear hamster is a syrian.

How do you bring a teddy bear to Starbucks?

In order to bring a teddy bear to Starbucks, one must already own a teddy bear and hold tight onto the teddy bear while entering Starbucks. It is important to not leave the teddy bear in Starbucks.

What is teddy bear in German?

Teddy bear = der Teddybär or der Teddy.

The level codes for transylmania 2?

Level 1:Click New GameLevel 2:Bat, Vampire, Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, SkullLevel 3:Bat, Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, Bat, BatLevel 4:Skull, Teddy-Bear, Bat, Teddy-Bear, VampireLevel 5:Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, Skull, Skull, SkullLevel 6:Bat, Vampire, Vampire, Skull, Teddy-BearLevel 7:Vampire, Skull, Bat, Vampire, SkullLevel 7 is the last level.

What is the Italian term for teddy bear?

teddy bear

What is rosavelts connection with the teddy bear?

the teddy bear was named after teddy rosvelt i think because he was still president when they were made or he made them but anyways the teddy bear was named after teddy Roosevelt

How does a teddy bear feel?

A teddy bear is soft and fluffy.

What is less expensive black bear hamster or teddy bear hamster?

Teddy bear

How the teddy bear get its name?

The teddy bear gets its name from the president Theodore "Teddy" roosevelt.

How did Teddy Roosevelt invent the teddy bear?

Well, he inspired the teddy bear, Roosevelt was on a hunting trip with others, and no luck, the other men tethered a baby bear to a tree for Roosevelt to shoot, but he refused, and a store owner found this out he made a stuffed bear model and called it "Teddy's Bear". That was the first teddy bear.

How do you make a teddy bear on alchemy classic?

Teddy bear = New Year tree + bear

How did the teddy bear become famous?

Theodore Rossevelt (or Teddy Rossevelt) invented the teddy bear after being attacked by a bear and it became famous immediately. Melissa Cairns says: He did not get attacked by a bear he just saved a bear cub from being slauted, then he made the teddy bear.

What country did the teddy bear originate from?

the teddy bear originated from Germany.

How did the Teddy Bear let it's name?

it did because its a teddy bear

Do you get pregnant from a Teddy bear?

No you can't get pregnant from a teddy bear it has no sperm

How do you get teddy bear in ninja warz?

how to get the teddy bear in ninja warz

Name three thing radio has in his trolley?


What is a teddy and not a teddy bear?

The name 'teddy bear hamster' comes from the fur. If you look at a brand new teddy, you will notice the fur is extremely soft, as a teddy bear hamster. The name just comes from the fur type.

Is 'teddy 'in teddy bear an adjective?

I would think so because it describes what kind of bear, like Black Bear, Polar Bear, and Grizzly Bear?

What is a teddy bear that is stuffed with salt called?

It is called a salty teddy bear and is a weird type of bear!!!

How did the teddy get its name?

Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a baby bear so they decided to invent the teddy bear.