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The war of 1914-1918, which had involved most of the coutries of Europe and spilled over, to some extent, to their overseas empires, was usually called The Great War but was also called The World War. When a new war began in 1939, with the same major participants on the same sides, and which many people considered just a continuation of the previous war, it was natural, even inevitable, to call it The Second World War. The first mention of the term may have been by Germans -- they used it some time in 1942 in military literature.

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Two weapons that were first used in World War I?

what was the first weapon used in world war 1

When was Morse code first used?

It was used first in world war one and two they used it for evacuation signals and warnings.

What is meant by the term molecules?

The term molecule is commonly used in the scientific world, and is a very important term. The term molecules means two or more chemically bonded atoms.

When did first nuclear weapons first used?

At end of world war two, two were dropped in Japan, which ended the japan - America conflict

Where did the baseball term 'rubber game' originate?

Rubber game or rubber match: Term used for the third game of 3-game series when the two teams have split the first two games. Originally a card-playing term.

What is product of two binomials?

The product is(the product of the first term of each)plus(the product of the last term of each) plus(the product of the first term of the first and the last term of the second) plus(the product of the first term of the second and the last term of the first).

What weapons were commonly used by the British in the first world war?

the two most commonly used weapons were slingsgots and bombs

What is the term that describes when two waves interact?

The term usually used in this case is "interference".

What war were machines used?

During World War Two, the first mechanized warfare was used in fighting. This was in the form of tanks and airplanes.

What term is used when both alleles are different?

Heterozygous is the term used to describe a person with two different alleles for a gene.

Which country won the first two world cups?

The first two world cups where won by Uruguay and Italy

What is the term for Symphysis?

Symphysis is a term that is used to refer to the fibrocartilaginous fusion between two bones.

The sport term 'love' is used in which two different sports?

The term 'Love' is used in both Badminton and Tennis.

What is mean by first order continuity curve?

The first order continuity curve is a term used in geometry to describe parametric first derivatives that are in proportion at the intersection on at least two successive sections of the curve.

When does congress start a session or term?

The term starts with the first session out of two on January 3rd at noon.

What is the difference between a trapezium and a trapizoid?

There are two differences.Trapezium is correctly spelled, trapizoid is not.Trapezium is a term used across the English speaking world, trapezoid is used only in the US.

Is miscibility and disparity same thing?

No; the first term refers generally to a single thing, and the second to at least two things; and, even if the first term were applied to two things, it would cause the second term rather than be synonymous with it.

What is the difference between diglossia and bilingualism?

The term bilingualism is typically used to describe the two languages of an individual. When the focus changes to two languages in society, the term often used is diglossia.

What is the term used to describe genetics inherited by two or more genes?

The term used to describe genetics/characteristics inherited by two or more genes is referred to as polygenic or continuous traits.

When was ripstop nylon first developed?

rip stop nylon was first developed in world war two, it was used for parachutes mainly and probably blankets

What does the nth term mean in maths?

By "the nth term" of a sequence we mean an expression that will allow us to calculate the term that is in the nth position of the sequence. For example consider the sequence2, 4, 6, 8, 10,...The pattern is easy to see.The first term is two.The second term is two times two.The third term is two times three.The fourth term is two times four.The tenth term is two times ten.the nineteenth term is two times nineteen.The nth term is two times n.simply written: 2n :)

What is a two term presidency?

This phrase is what it sounds like- a presidency which lasts for two terms because the president is re-elected to a second term after his first.

When were they first evacuated in the World War 2?

They were first evacuated in world war two.

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