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The video was invented in 1928, shortly after the invention of TV itself. Then the DVD player was invented in 1995

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Q: When was the video player invented?
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Related questions

Who invented the video player?

the person who invented the video!

Why was the Blu-ray player invented?

Better quality sound and video.

When did Japan's Sony Company invent the VCR?

The first ever video cassette player was invented in 1956. Sony released their first video cassette player in 1964.

What are the functions of the PlayStation and when were they invented?

The original Playstation was only a video game and CD player and was invented in 1994. The PS2 was 2000 and the PS3 was 2006

Which company invented video disc?

which compeny invented video disc

When was the first video game invented?

the first video game was invented in 1958

Who invented the first video camera?

Philo T. Farnsworth invented the video camera.

Who invented video games for PlayStation?

Video games were invented before the Playstation by many years.

What country invented portable video cameras?

The country that invented portable video cameras is....America

Who invented the video disc?

I think Steve Russell invented the Video Disc :) but i am not 100% sure :|

When was the first video tape invented?

The first video tape was invented on 1969. The prototype of the video cartridge was first introduced to the public by Sony.

When was the video disc invented?

it was invented in 1963

When was the video game console invented?

The first video game system, the Magnavox Odyssey, was invented in 1972.

Who invented the video game chair?

video chairicus

Where was the video camera invented?

They invented it in Boston n.y.

Where were video games invented?

they were first invented in Japan.

Who invented the video disk?

Steve Russell invented the Video Disk.

When was the first practical video tape recorder invented?

The first practical video tape recorder was invented in 1957

What year was video games invented?

Video games where invented in the year 1958 when the game Tennis For Two was created, arguably the first ever video game.

Why was the first DVD player invented?

to play dvd's which last longer, have improved video quality, and are cheaper to make than VHS tapes.

What is the least expensive device you can purchase in order to access video chat rooms adobe flash player required?

the wii was invented in 2009

What date was DVD players invented?

The DVD player was not really invented. It was developed as a specification from the earlier Video CD. The specification was finalized in December of 1995. The Video CD was developed from CDs starting in 1987. Originally, the disks could only store about five minutes of video, but a number of improvements took that through a series of improvements until the DVD was developed.

Where you can get video player for your Motorola L7?

there is no video player for it. you have to use the default player

When did they invented family guy video game?

They invented the family guy video game on Wednesday 4th October, 2009

Where were video games discovered?

Video games were not discovered they were invented.