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When was the webcam invented?

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The Trojan room coffee pot was the inspiration for the world's first webcam. The coffee pot was located in the Trojan Room, within the old Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.

The webcam was created to help people working in other parts of the building avoid pointless trips to the coffee room by providing a live picture of the state of the coffee pot.

2010-03-25 12:32:19
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Who invented the first webcam?

Tyler Smith

Why was the webcam invented?

The web cam was invented as another form of communication- just like the telephone!! Its just new and better technology.

Dennis C Hayes invented a computer component that is essential to computer communicationWhat did he invent and what did it do?

he invented the webcam and the two in one microphone

Where was the first webcam invented?

in 2010 the first web cam was invented by Ryan french on 1 mocking bird dr. its only 2009 how is this possible

Who invented the webcam?

No one knows who the exact creator of the web cam was, but the first one was discovered in the computer science department in Cambridge University. This particular webcam became inactive on the 22nd of August, 2001 ==

How to chat using webcam?

All depends on your webcam, and webcam program.

Does an iMac have a built-in-webcam?

All iMacs have a built in webcam.

How do you download webcam on Toshiba laptop?

you can download webcam driver not webcam.

What is an integrated webcam?

A webcam integrated into a some kind of device. i.e a computer with an integrated webcam will be if your computer has a built in webcam.

How do you work a webcam when you are instant messaging somebody?


What are the parts of a webcam?

what are the parts of the webcam

How do you use a hp webcam?

you go to start and there will be a searchbar down at the bottom type in hp media smart webcam or whatever webcam you have if an icon says webcam click it and it will open webcam

How do you install a webcam without a CD or webcam?

you need a webcam and a cd(both) to install :(

What is a webcam session?

Yes, a webcam session is what you have when you do a session with a known webcam. Pretty simple!

I have a Webcam with no microphone what do you do?

you have to buy a webcam with a microphone

How do you get our webcam on your laptop?

you can buy a laptop with a webcam on it

How do you activate webcam on a mac?

instal a webcam

Is a webcam input?

Webcam is an input device.

How do you activate an inbuilt webcam on toshiba satellite a200?

A person usually does not have to 'activate' a built in webcam. Usually, all they have to do, is have a webcam program that will open the webcam.

How do you use your webcam?

Using your webcam will depend on what type of webcam you have, and specifically, whether it is a built-in webcam, or one that was purchased separately. Usually, a webcam simply needs to be turned on, and will work to capture images and video.

Who invented web cameras?

Hard to say who invented it, but supposedly this was the first webcam: It was used to check a coffee pot in the Trojan Room at the University of Cambridge.

Webcam is either disabled or has failed please check your webcam settings?

webcam is either disabled or has failed

How do you use a webcam as projecter?

You cannot use a Webcam as a projector. A webcam is an input device, not an output device.

What is the difference between a notebook webcam and a desktop webcam?

Notebook webcam are made to attach to the notebook computer.

Why cant you webcam chat on Windows Live Messenger but you can on Skype?

You CAN webcam chat on Windows Live Messenger. When you are talking to someone, under their profile picture there should be a webcam button (if they have a webcam, that is). Click that and you can invite them to webcam chat with you.