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Q: When was this dryer manufactured with serial number lde9606ace?
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What year was Kenmore dryer model 86870800 serial number MB1140740 made?


What year was a Maytag dryer model DE303 made?

For the Maytag DE303 Dryer, the electrical plate indicates the following: Model = DE303 Series = 05 Serial = 144830VJ The Maytag manufacturing date code is shown by the last two letters of the Serial Number. In this case, V and J. According to the website in the related link, the old DE303 was manufactured on May 1998 (V =1988, J = May).

Where are Frigidaire appliances manufactured?

I just purchased a new Fridigaire Washer and Dryer and the dealer said that it was the only brand he carried where both the Washer and Dryer were manufactured in the US. Both of my units indicate that they were manufactured in Atlanta Georgia.

How do you find out how old your washer and dryer are?

There's probably a model number or serial number on the back of the washer and dryer. Jot it down and call the manufacturer for the information. Many department stores like Sears can probably also help.

Where can I find clothes dryer troubleshooting?

Many companies have there owners and service manuels online. Also trouble shooting advice. Locate your serial number and your model numbers, usually found on the inside of the dryer door.

What is my Kenmore dryer model?

You probably mean WHAT is my Kenmore dryer model. If so, you Kenmore Dryer model number can be found behind the dryer door. Open it and look around for a label containing the model number and serial number around the opening. If you decide to service you Kenmore dryer make sure to have this model number handy when you try to search for the service manual. You can check the manufacturer's web site, or a third party resource, such as the service manuals are published by the manufacturer and come in PDF format.

Where do i find model number on lg front load dryer?

Open the door and look around there, but generally the serial number will be on the same sticker as the model number. Generally speaking, the label is located on the back of the until towards the top.

What year was Maytag LSE7800ADW manufactured?

de quelle anne date la washer dryer sel800adw

Where can you get a user manual for a Kenmore dryer?

Usually if you take the model number and serial number (just in case) to the certifiedkenmore repair shop in your area you can usually order one. I have been able to that in the past anyway.Good luck.

What year was the RCA whirlpool supreme 70 cloths dryer made?

I have a matching washer/dryer set... LWE770 Which were manufactured in 1971. LXE would be 1972 LYE would be 1973

How old is a Kenmore dryer?

Kenmore dryers have been available for many years. With a specific model number and a call to a Sears appliance repair center, you can probably get the information you need. Without that model number, it's anyone's guess when it was manufactured.

Where are ge washers manufactured?

GE washers and the matching dryer, are manufactured in the United States. GE added two new assembly lines to the production of front loading washing machines in 2013.

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