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Tofu has been a staple food in Asia for over 2000 years.

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Tofu was first invented in China.

Chinese People Asian people

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

chilled tofu is...tofu is like a white square made of something its just when regular tofu is cold.

No. Tofu is a type of bean curd made by pressing together coagulated soy milk in a square mold. Tofu was invented during the Han dynasty in China, although several other countries, like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam quickly integrated it into their diets.

No, tofu is a bean product

Tofu Are A Light Shade Of Peach.

Is there meat in tofu? No. Therefore, it is vegetarian.

Tofu is full of protein: "about 10.7% for firm tofu and 5.3% for soft "silken" tofu with about 2% and 1% fat respectively as a percentage of weight."

Tasty tofu recipes & simple tofu cooking: It's easy to learn how to cook tofu, and tofu is one of the most versatile protein rich foods for vegetarians and vegans Round out a light meal of soup or salad with the addition of some tofu.

Yes, tofu is a source of protein. !

You can purchase tofu at supermarkets, Asian stores and online.

Tofu Records was created in 2003.

no the tofu will rot and produce mold in your frezer ^^ the previous answer is CAN freeze soups made with can freeze tofu in general! freezing tofu gives it a more "meaty" WILL NOT rot and produce mold in your freezer..its impossible for frozen tofu to produce mold in a freezer

Tofu is made of soy milk curdled with a coagulant such as seawater extract. It is then cut into blocks and pressed under a weight to get firm or extra firm tofu, except for soft tofu which is not pressed.

No, there are found just very small amounts of Potassium in tofu. However tofu is rich in Calcium and Iron.

Tofu should have form and be mostly odorless. If there is a strange smell, the tofu is crumbling or curdled, it is not safe to eat.

Tofu does not contain gluten as long as it is the plain kind. Several types of flavored tofu do contain gluten.

Tofu is made from soya beans, more precisely their milk which is coagulated in order to produce tofu.

Tofu is made from soy milk which is extracted from soy beans (bean curd). There is no dairy in regular tofu.

Chinese tofu is made out of soy beans.

No, tofu is made from soy milk.

There are about 125 calories in 8oz of tofu.

Tofu Ever had tofu fries? They are AWsome

Approximately 56.6990463 grams of tofu :)