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Since 1998, in addition to the print and CD-ROM editions of the 22-volume, 13,800-page encyclopedia, World Book has published an online version called the World Book Online Reference Center.

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Q: When was world book online published?
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When was world book published?

According to Wikipedia, the first edition of the World Book Encyclopedia was published in 1917.

When was the first Guinness World Records book published?

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Well I think the copyright date is the published date of a book. So the published date for this book would be 1999

When was the latest edition of the World Book Encyclopedia published?

As the world is constantly changing, the World Book Encyclopedia is generally published each year. New editions of the World Book Encyclopedia have been published since 1917, and continue even today in 2013.

Where is world book encyclopedia published?


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Perhaps Field Enterprises Educational Corporation.World Books are published by a company called World Books!World Book, Inc. publishes the World Book Encyclopedia.Published by Jim Hickson

When was the World Book published?

The first edition of the World Book Encyclopedia was printed in 1917.

What city is the World Book Encyclopedia publishing city?

World Book is published in Chicago.

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