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Q: When waves are closely spaced together how would you describe the pitch that you hear?
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Who has the greater IMA a screw with closely spaced threads or a screw with threads spaced farther apart?

Holding the diameter of the screw constant, closely spaced threads (fine pitch) have a higher mechanical advantage than thread which are spaced farther apart (course pitch). Mechanical advantage is the ratio of travel of the applied force to the ratio of the imparted force. Because the screw must rotate more times to insert a given depth, fine pitch has a higher mechanical advantage.

Definition of pitch of screw thread?

The pitch of a screw thread is a measure of how closely the threads are spaced. It can be expressed as the number of threads per unit length (32 threads per inch, for example) or as the distance between two threads ( such as .8 mm).

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Description of a sound wave closely related to frequency is called?


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