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The guns Hercules guns made by Stevens and sold by Wards were made around 1910 to 1940

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Q: When were Hercules double barrel shotguns made?
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When were Newport 12 gauge double barrel shotguns made?

1880s to 1940s

What year were acme double barrel shotguns made?

Turn of the century + a few decades.

How old is your double barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with markings it was made by Jas Parker Sons?

I have two 1878 Jas Parker & Sons double barrel shotguns.

Where was the double barrel shotgun made?

Many manufacturers manufacture double barrel shotguns in either a side by side (SxS) or Over/Under configuration. double barrel was made on July 1 1875 in England. by westley Richards co. it is a hammerless 12 guage

What are the names of gun makers that made double barrel shotguns with hammers in the 1800's?

Greener is one. There are dozens of others.

How old is a double barrel Stevens twelve gauge model 335?

You have one of only 2,000 model 335 savage shotguns made.These shotguns were made from 1926-1935.

Who made a double barrel 410 gun?

Over the past 100 years, many makers have made double barrel 410 shotguns. Provide a detailed description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish,etc., and some one might be able to help you.

When did jc Higgins sell double barrel shotguns?

I can say that J.C.Higgins was the name used to signify Sears & Roebuck firearms from 1942-1962.I would assume that your double barrel shotgun was made during this time span.

Who made New Empire 16 gauge double barrel shotguns?

New empire was one of the miriad of brand names used by the Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich, Ct. between 1892 and about 1922. They manufactured good quality, inexpensive single and double barrel shotguns for field use.

Where are browning 325 shotguns made?

The markings on the receiver and barrel will tell.

Where can you get w w greener 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

I have a circa 1874 W.W. Greener double barrel shotgun. It was made in Birmingham England. It has double hammers with nice engraving. Greener shotguns are still produced today but in limited numbers.

How old is a double barrel Wmparkhurst12 Ga?

William Parkhurst, located in Bristol, England circa 1920. made sidexside shotguns, but no details on file..............

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