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Q: When were Philadelphia streets paved?
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Who worked to have Philadelphia's streets lit at night and the streets paved?

William Penn

Who worked to have the streets of philadelphia paved and lit at night?

William Penn

Who worked to have philadelphia streets lit at night and paved?

William Penn

Where in the world are the streets paved with water?

Venice, Italy.

How where the streets of Rome?

Many of the streets of Rome were alleys as the city was crowded. The main streets were either gravelled of stone-paved.

Why were the streets paved in New York?

it is smoother than cobblestones.

When was Streets of Philadelphia created?

Streets of Philadelphia was created on -19-08-07.

What was the first European city that had all of its streets paved?

In Rome, the world's first paved streets were laid out in 170 B.C. The new streets were popular, as they were functional in all types of weather and were easy to keep clean, but they amplified the city's noise level.

What hymn contains the lyrics 'you are going to a city where the streets are paved with gold'?

That's almost it. "City Where the Streets are Paved with Gold". It's based on Revelation 21:21: "The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass." So, as you see, the Bible doesn't say, "paved" (or streets either -- it's one street).

Where in the world are all the streets paved with water?

In Venice Italy the streets are canals, and you move around using Gondolas.

What is a sentence using the word streets?

Dick Whittington went to London because he believed the streets were paved with gold.

When was the Bruce Springsteen song Streets of Philadelphia released?

Streets of Philadelphia was released by Bruce Springsteen in 1994. The song Streets of Philadelphia won an Academy-award and appeared in the 1993 film Philadelphia.