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When were airbags first installed into Corvette's?

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1990 A new Corvette ZR-1 model debuts and a driver-side airbag becomes a standard feature.

2006-07-17 15:29:03
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Q: When were airbags first installed into Corvette's?
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When were passenger airbags installed in corvettes?

Driver's side became standard in 1990, driver/passenger became standard in 1994.

What year did Chevy first install airbags in Corvettes?

1989 was the first year for corvette to have the air bag.

When were airbags first installed in cars?

1973 Oldsmobile toronado

When were air bags first installed into Volkswagen beetle?

Airbags were never installed on real VW Beetles.

When were side airbags first installed in a car by a major manufacturer and what car?


Can you get airbags installed in an old car?

Well if you get airbags your defeating the purpose of having a old car

When were airbags first installed into mustangs?

For the 1990 model year a driver-side airbag went on all Mustangs as standard.When the Mustang was redesigned for 1994 dual front airbags became standard on all.

What are the 3 different types of airbags?

Front Airbags: The first ones were installed for drivers and come out from the steering column. Some will have passenger-side front airbags. Side torso or window: These airbags cushion both front and rear passengers from the side. Torso airbags are usually in the rear seat and inflate between the passenger and his door; curtain airbags inflate across the window from the roof. Knee airbags: Designed to help prevent injury to the driver's legs. Rear: Rear curtain airbags cover the back window and rear center airbags cushion passengers from one another during an impact. Sometimes there are separate curtain airbags for front and rear passengers; sometimes one large curtain that runs the full length of the vehicle is installed.

When was Corvettes first made?


How much does it cost to reinstall airbags in a 1995 Lincoln continental?

You can cost more than $1000 to reinstall airbags in your 1995 Lincoln Continental. The cost is dependent upon how many airbags need to be installed.

Where is the transmission dip stick on a 2002 Corvette?

The transmissions installed in C5 corvettes dose not have a dip stick...

What colors were the first yearly models of Corvettes and in what order were they released?

The original Corvettes (1953) were all painted white.

How do you replace passat dashboard airbag?

These and steering airbags need to be professionally installed by a machanic or dealership.

Does a 1989 cadillac sedan de ville have airbags?

i installed my own so u might hav to do that

Are mud flaps a dealer installed option on 1988 corvettes?

Sure. They make Covettes in Kentucky. Kentuckians like mud flaps.

What company makes Corvettes?

Chevrolet makes corvettes.

When were airbags first use by Chrysler?


When getting the airbags replaced on a 2002 GTP does the airbag harness also need to be replaced?

When my airbags went off, the controls on my steering wheel quit working, when the new harness was installed, everything works fine

Are any Corvettes metal?

All corvettes are constructed from fiberglass.

What was the name of Elton Johns first band?

"The Corvettes" then he eventually went to "Bluesology".

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What was the first year corvette had side airbags?


How many corvettes are there?

1,479,300 Corvettes were made from 1953 through 2010.

Do Corvettes come in yellow?

Many generations of corvettes have come in yellow.

Is the Corvette a convertible?

There are hard top corvettes and convertible corvettes.