When were bicycle training wheels invented?

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2015-02-23 03:36:17

I don't know this to be a fact. I was told My uncle Kenneth

Grillot invented the training wheel. He worked for Huffy Bikes. His

idea was adopted by Huffy and my uncle didn't get any credit for


Actually, my dad, Fred Abel, invented training wheels, for Huffy

Bikes in Dayton, Ohio. The patent is in his name. Dad was Vice

President -- Chief Engineer for The Huffman Manufacturing


I would say around 1950.

Bruce Abel


Actually Theodore Sampson created Training Wheels for a Girl that

had Polio - With Aluminum Braces she could not ride her Bicycle. Mr

Sampson created Structs with Wheels to attach to her Bicycle. This

happen about 1950..

Mr Theodore Sampson was in charge of the Automotive Shop at

Central State University Wilberforce Ohio 15-20 Miles from Dayton

Ohio - It was known that a man visiting Central State University

saw the Girl and her Bicycle with the Structs with Wheels - Made a

rough Stretch and obviously took it to Huffman Manufacturing

Manufacturer of Huffy Bicycles. Mr Sampson never received credit

for Training Wheels..

I first heard this story when my father went to brorrow a wrench

from Mr Sampson to remove my Training Wheels probably around 1957

+/- 1 Year - All the men at the Shop Echoed this Story - As a Kid I

would hang-out at Mr Sampson's Shop - He Taught me how to put my

Chain back on the Spocket - How to Patch my Inter-Tube, etc --


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