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I don't know this to be a fact. I was told My uncle Kenneth Grillot invented the training wheel. He worked for Huffy Bikes. His idea was adopted by Huffy and my uncle didn't get any credit for it.,

Actually, my dad, Fred Abel, invented training wheels, for Huffy Bikes in Dayton, Ohio. The patent is in his name. Dad was Vice President -- Chief Engineer for The Huffman Manufacturing Copany.

I would say around 1950.

Bruce Abel

================================================================================ Actually Theodore Sampson created Training Wheels for a Girl that had Polio - With Aluminum Braces she could not ride her Bicycle. Mr Sampson created Structs with Wheels to attach to her Bicycle. This happen about 1950..

Mr Theodore Sampson was in charge of the Automotive Shop at Central State University Wilberforce Ohio 15-20 Miles from Dayton Ohio - It was known that a man visiting Central State University saw the Girl and her Bicycle with the Structs with Wheels - Made a rough Stretch and obviously took it to Huffman Manufacturing Manufacturer of Huffy Bicycles. Mr Sampson never received credit for Training Wheels..

I first heard this story when my father went to brorrow a wrench from Mr Sampson to remove my Training Wheels probably around 1957 +/- 1 Year - All the men at the Shop Echoed this Story - As a Kid I would hang-out at Mr Sampson's Shop - He Taught me how to put my Chain back on the Spocket - How to Patch my Inter-Tube, etc --


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Who was the first person to invent the first bicycle ever made without training wheels?

It took decades after the invention of the bicycle for training Wheels to be invented. None of the first bikes had training Wheels. The guy usually considered the inventor of the bicycle is Karl von Drais.

When was the bicycle wheel invented?

Wheels had been around for quite some time, but they didn't become bicycle wheels until someone invented the bicycle.

Who invented bicycle wheels?

THe same guy who invented the bike.

What is training wheel?

Training wheels are small wheels on outriggers, that are bolted onto a kids bicycle to keep it upright even if the rider is unable to balance the bike.

What is two wheel on kid's bicycle called?

I'm guessing you're referring to the "training" wheels.

How many wheels are on a bicycle?

2 on a ordany bike four with training wells or 3 on a trike

How many wheels did the first bicycle have?

The "bi" in bicycle means "two", so to be a true bicycle it has to have two wheels.

How is a bicycle different from a car?

bicycle is a vehicle usually with two wheels and a car is a vehicle with four wheels......Additional answerAlways with two wheels. The definition of bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle. If it has more or less than 2 wheels then it's not a bicycle.A car is motorized and a bicycle is not. A bicycle saves energy. Of course, a 'motor' or 'electric' bicycle can be powered. Fundamentally a 'bicycle' has two wheels and a car has more (usually four).

Can a bicycle have more than to wheels?

No. The "bi" in "bicycle" is another word for "two". If it hasn't got two wheels, it can't be a bicycle.

How many wheels does a motorbike have?

'Motorbike' is short for motor bicycle, and a bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels.

What was the world like before cars were invented?

Slow and very inconvenient! and people use bicycle with wooden wheels

What rotates on a bicycle?

The wheels.

What was the first bicycle made from that HJ Lawson made?

H.J. Lawson invented the first rear driving safety bicycle and it was patented in 1870. It had 23 inch wooden wheels.

Does a bicycle use wheels and axles and a lever?

Yes A Bicycle uses Wheels and the Axles Hold The Wheels Up Plus Some Bikes Have Levers

How many bikes have been invented?

There is no information on how many bikes have been invented. The bicycle dates back to the mid 1800s when the pedals were attached to the front wheels.

How much are aluminum bicycle wheels?

You can get bicycle wheels with aluminum rims, from about $150 and up, but solid aluminum wheels gets too chunky to be used on bikes.

A sentence for the word bicycle?

A bicycle has two wheels, a tricycle has three.

What year were training wheels invented for bikes?

I did some reserch, and I found out that they were invented around 1950 ish. Silvia Moncancone California

Did you blow up bike wheels on a penny farthing?

Usually not. The penny Farthing was invented before the inflatable bicycle tire was developed.

What are bicycle wheels made from?


Has two wheels and pedals?


How do identify a bicycle?

Anything with 2 wheels propelled by human legs is a bicycle.

What is a two wheeled cycle called?

I think it is called a Bicycle. This is because bi means two!A BicycleTwo wheels is bicycleOne wheel is unicycleThree wheels is tricycle

Who invented the bicycle brake?

The bicycle brake was invented by Browett and Harrison in 1887.

Who invented bicycle tires?

Apart from the earliest bicycle-like objects, which had wooden wheels, maybe even with steel rims, bicycles have always has tires. Solid ones, either rubber or even leather were used. Inflatable tires were invented by a John Dunlop.