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Cool Ranch Doritos were invented in 1987.

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What is the flavor of the doritos?

Doritos come in numerous flavors, from cheese to bbq to cool ranch and many more.

What was Paul Revere's favorite food?

Phantom gourmet said cool ranch doritos, but i call bs. doritos were invented in 1961!!

Did Nanci Griffith made a TV commercial for Doritos Cool Ranch?

Client: Doritos Cool RanchTitle: ElectricityAgency: Marshall Brothers in Advertising, Inc.Length: 0:30Nanci Griffith: I know, I'm still a country singer, because i knew about Cool Ranch Doritos.[She looks into the bag, Nanci looks on astonishment]Nanci Griffith: Creamy cool ranch seasonings, and those ingredients, what are they talking a tomato and onion in there too?,[Nanci bends over, she is sitting on the bench] You know, I'm still alive because i don't know, i give another one to drive crazy.[Nanci holds a chip] And that's why, no other chip tastes like cool ranch, and no other crunch.[She takes a bite of Cool Ranch Doritos, the lights go dark]Nanci Griffith: Turn the lights back on.[Cut to a shot of the Doritos Cool Ranch bag]Narrator: Cool ranch flavored Doritos brand tortilla chips, one heck of a taste, one heck of a crunch.[Fade to black]

What kind of doritos does Justin Bieber like?

Justin bieber loves cool ranch

How many calories in cool ranch doritos?

260 calories in a 1 3/4oz bag

What is the best non spicy flavor of Doritos?

cool ranch 2nd best flavor of all

What are cool ranch Doritos locos tacos made of?

the tacos are made out of grass and nitrogen gases

What flavors of Doritos are there?

Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Spicy Cheese and I don't know the rest...

What is the most popular doritos flavors?

The original (nacho cheese) and cool ranch would be 2nd

Do ranch dortitos taste good with salsa?

Depends on the salsa, depends on your personal taste, depends on whether or not you like Cool Ranch Doritos.

What are the most popular Doritos flavors?

The two most popular flavors are nacho cheese & cool ranch

How many people like ranch doritos?

Over 75% people in the world like Ranch Doritos. Psych i don't know....... all i know is i like ranch Doritos because there good!:)

Do doritos have high fructose corn syrup in them?

Cool ranch - No Nacho Cheese - No I'm not sure about the others though

Do ranch doritos suck?

Yes. In fact ranch doritos do suck. They taste reminiscent to dog poo. especially when dipped in salsa. BARF!! anyone who eats ranch doritos is a cotton headed ninny muggin.

What are the names of some of Doritos brand chips?

Chilli Heatwave, Cool Original, Cool Ranch, Salsa Verde, Tangy Cheese, Spicy Sweet Chilli, Jalapenjo Fire and many others are a few names of the Doritos brand chips.

When did taco flavored doritos come out?

Taco flavored Doritos were introduced in 1968.

Can you start a fire with two cool ranch Doritos by rubbing them together?

No. The action of rubbing together two Doritos chips would crumble them before sufficient friction could result in enough heat to cause combustion.

Do cool ranch doritos make your vagina smell?

yes, so after eating a bag of it try eating some pineapple.. which makes your vagina smell good/normal

What food group is Cool ranch Doritos in?

Although most people would agree that this is not the healthiest snack, anything in moderation should be find. That being said, while it is not the greatest example of it, all Doritos being largely a corn product would be a grain.

Which flavor of Doritos is the tastiest?

Cool Original gets my vote!

What are all the flavors of doritos?

original chessy ranch hamburger tacos but there makin much more flavors

What are Doritos?

Doritos are corn chips (also called tortilla chips) that come in various flavors like cheese, ranch, sun dried tomato, etc. They are usually served with dip as a snack.

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