When were delft tiles made?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Delft tiles were produced from around 1580 until the present day. The term "Delft" is commonly used to describe Dutch earthenware tiles, which may be made not only in Delft but also in Middelburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and in the north of the Netherlands in Makkum and Harlingen. The age of Dutch tiles can be approximately determined by their thickness. A tile from 1580 may be 2cm thick, this being reduced to 1.5cm by 1600 and subsequently to 1cm by around the mid to late 1600s. Modern tiles are very thin and lightweight by comparison. Most people think of Delft tiles as being blue and white, but they were also produced in coloured "polychrome" format.

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Q: When were delft tiles made?
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