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When were grenades made?


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Exploding bombs that are thrown have been around for centuries. Both sides of the US Civil War used hand thrown bombs.


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Hand grenades are made to kill enemies in trenches ,bunkers and behind covers

Grenades were made to kill multiple people at once; saving ammunition for you gun during the war.

The German hand grenades were launched off a stick, giving them slightly longer range than thrown British or American grenades.

Fragmentation Grenades are explosive bombs that you throw.

The Pineapple Grednades of World War 2 were made of tin/metal and filled with an explosive powder. The modern grenades are different. They look different and have different chemicals inside them.

grenades are made out of gunpowder and they can be fired by an rifle or can be hand thrown but they have a trigre they have to pull before they throw it then when it hits the ground it explodes and kills whos ever near .

Worked on farms, made bombs and hand grenades There are a few more things, but mainly working in factories with bombs and hand grenades

grenades can contain explosive or chemical fillers

No known records. Counting those made by all combatants, there would have been tens of thousands made.

Usually (if the game has grenades) you press "g".

Light Grenades was created on 2006-11-28.

This bombs are really hand grenades in the form of pineapple grenades and actually death records from the grenades were not kept.

Grenades first were made in the revolutionary period. A grenade then was just a five pound ball filled with gunpowder. On the top was a candle wick. They would light the match and throw. OnlyGrenadiers (Gren-a-dEErs) carried them. They would be specially trained at throwing accuracy.

There are three kinds of grenades. Antipersonnel grenades are used against people. There are fragmentation grenades, which break up when they explode and scatter, at high speeds, pieces of metal which injure or kill whoever you used the grenade against. There are also distraction grenades which create a loud noise and bright flash of light to stun the target...while they're stunned, you can rush in and take them into custody. (SWAT teams love distraction grenades.) Smoke grenades produce thick clouds of smoke. There are white smoke grenades used to conceal troop movements, and colored smoke grenades used for signaling. Product-delivery grenades come in two varieties. The first are White Phosphorous (willy-pete), which is an incendiary agent. The other are Tear Gas grenades.

Not for civilians to use. They are used by the military and extremely rarely a special police force. The grenades of the police force are only stun grenades.

Grenades can contain explosive and chemical fillers.

8 not including grenades. 9 including grenades

No, there are no throwable grenades in Team Fortress 2

No country uses grenades as their primary arm - rifles are the primary armament of any military.

No semtex grenades can stick to enemies.

Both sides used grenades in both WW1 and WW2

They all have at least two safeties. The pin is one, something like a lever or a sleeve eld down with the grenadier's thumb is the second, and some grenades have a clip to hold down the lever as the third. Oh, I have to tell you this: Soviet-made fragmentation grenades came from the factory with the fuzes separate from the grenade bodies. NATO grenades have the fuze screwed into the body. Each box of 12 grenades came with 13 fuzes; the 13th fuze had a zero-second delay, and you could use it to make tripwire boobytraps.

Grenades were used to blow things up a little bit ovious that one

Grenades are used when you know where the enemy is but they don't know where you are so they make the perfect surprise.

In Jersey Shore, a "grenade" is an ugly person. So, "no grenades" means no ugly people.

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