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When were planes made?

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The Wright brothers flew their first airplane December 17, 1903, they had been working on the design for about three years.

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Who made the movie 'Planes'?

Disney Toon Studios .

Where are Stanley planes made?

Stanley planes are one of the few tools still made in America.

Did Henry ford make air planes during world war 2?

Yes he made many planes Yes he made many planes

What are planes made from?

they are made from unicorn poo

Why did the people crash with planes on 911?

Because bad people were driving the planes and made the planes crash on purpose.

What are planes made of?

planes are made of : fuselage, wings, stabilizer, rudder, one or more engines, and landing gear

What place were jet planes made?

made in china

What is difference and same birds and planes?

Planes are man made, birds are not. They both have wings.

What are wooden planes made of?


What airliner is made in France?


Which all Boeing aircraft are there in kingfisher airlines Mumbai?

The Kingfisher planes use the Airbus planes made in France planes for its fleet. Not the Boeing.

What was made first planes or jets?

Planes powered by internal combustion engines came first.

How many U.S planes made it up in the Pearl Harbor attack?

There was 65 U.S. planes that made it up in the pearl harbor attack.

What items are made from aluminum?

cars planes

How many planes has Boeing made?


Where are the fastest war planes made?

In America

Was Paper Planes made for Slumdog Millionaire?


Are coordinate planes man made?


Which Embraer planes are made in Brazil?

All of them are.

What are planes made off?

Planes are usually made of pretty much aluminum as well as other lightweight composite materials. They are built to be strong and lightweight.

Why do you think lanes were made parallel?

planes were made parallel because of yOU

It is a space figure make up of planes?

Not necessarily. A sphere is a "space" figure, but is not made up of planes.

What were planes made of in world war 2?

Most planes were made of aluminium, but not all. One of the finest planes in WW2 was a fighter-bomber made entirely of wood. Powered by two Rolls-Royce 'Merlin' engines, the de Havilland "Mosquito" flew higher and faster than any other plane at the time. There were a few other wooden planes made during WW2.

What where most world war 2 planes made of?

they were mostly made of metal

What is a space figure made up of planes?