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The fleet left Japan for Pearl Harbor on November 26, 1941. The final order for the attack was given early in the morning on December 7th, and the aircraft were launched at 6am that morning.

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Q: When were the final orders given for the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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When were the final orders for the attack on Pearl Harbor delivered?

The final order which indicated that aircraft had achieved complete surprise on Pearl Harbor was issued at 07:53 by Commander Fuchida Mitsuo. He radioded "Tora, Tora, Tora" and the attack commenced.

What was the final outcome of the attack of pearl harbor?


What was the final exam question at the Japanese naval academy from 1931-1941?

How to attack pearl harbor

How did the US get revenge for Pearl Harbor?

The US declared war and then won that war. The final "revenge" for the attack by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, is seen by many to be the dropping of nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Why is the attack on pearl harbor still important?

because it was the final straw of the United States, it was the reason we went into WWII

Was Japan successful in attacking Pearl Harbor?

They achieved their short term objective Given the final outcome, they probably wish they had not done it.

What would have happened if the Pearl Harbor attack had not happened?

USA attack German by military and attack Japan by economic ,maybe Japan can absolute occupied China .but final USA sustaining ally defeat axes

Did the Japanese emperor have anything to do with pearl harbor?

Yes, he gave the attack his final approval when it was brought to him. He should have been charged with war crimes, but it was decided not to at the time.

What is the signficances of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was the spark that ignited the second world war in the United States. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, attitudes in the United States were divided as to whether the country should enter the war with Germany or Japan. Many, perhaps most, people were not inclined to sacrifice the souls or resources of the country in a fight that was not judged our own. Pearl Harbor made the fight our own! Men, women and children rose to the challenge of war on two fronts. Lives were lost, resources spent and final victory achieved.

What is the name fo the 1980's movie about an aircraft carrier going back in time to Pearl harbor?

The Final Countdown

Was Tony Curtis ever in the military?

Tony Curtis joined the Navy right after Pearl Harbor, volunteered for the submarine service, and was in Tokyo Harbor when the final Japanese surrender was signed.

What were Adolf Hitler's final orders?

Well, His final orders to the military were to defend the capital. His final orders to his staff was to cremate him beyond recognition.

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