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The fleet left Japan for Pearl Harbor on November 26, 1941. The final order for the attack was given early in the morning on December 7th, and the aircraft were launched at 6am that morning.

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When were the final orders for the attack on Pearl Harbor delivered?

The final order which indicated that aircraft had achieved complete surprise on Pearl Harbor was issued at 07:53 by Commander Fuchida Mitsuo. He radioded "Tora, Tora, Tora" and the attack commenced.

What was the final outcome of the attack of pearl harbor?


How did the US get revenge for Pearl Harbor?

The US declared war and then won that war. The final "revenge" for the attack by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, is seen by many to be the dropping of nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

What was the final exam question at the Japanese naval academy from 1931-1941?

How to attack pearl harbor

Why is the attack on pearl harbor still important?

because it was the final straw of the United States, it was the reason we went into WWII

Was Japan successful in attacking Pearl Harbor?

They achieved their short term objective Given the final outcome, they probably wish they had not done it.

What would have happened if the Pearl Harbor attack had not happened?

USA attack German by military and attack Japan by economic ,maybe Japan can absolute occupied China .but final USA sustaining ally defeat axes

Did the Japanese emperor have anything to do with pearl harbor?

Yes, he gave the attack his final approval when it was brought to him. He should have been charged with war crimes, but it was decided not to at the time.

What happens if both Level Limit Area B and Final Attack Orders are both on the field in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The one that resolved last, will take precedence.- If Final Attack Orders was active, and you play Level Limit Area B, then Lv4 or higher monsters will be switched to defense mode. Lv3 or lower will still be affected by Final Attack Orders.- If Level Limit Area B was active, and you play Final Attack Orders, all monsters will go to attack mode, Level Limit Area B's effect will no longer apply.

What is the signficances of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was the spark that ignited the second world war in the United States. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, attitudes in the United States were divided as to whether the country should enter the war with Germany or Japan. Many, perhaps most, people were not inclined to sacrifice the souls or resources of the country in a fight that was not judged our own. Pearl Harbor made the fight our own! Men, women and children rose to the challenge of war on two fronts. Lives were lost, resources spent and final victory achieved.

In yugioh what if final attack orders and level limit area b are both on the field at the same time?

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What was the significance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

It caused the US to take a leading role in the war. Prior to the attack, the US was more interested in isolationism. However, once Japan bombed Pearl Harbor the US took an active role to defeat the Axis powers in both the Pacific and Europe. Pearl Harbor is suggested by some historians to be the final push to why the United States decided to join World War II because a country (Japan) had attacked on United States land, which hasn't happened in many, many years.

Was Tony Curtis ever in the military?

Tony Curtis joined the Navy right after Pearl Harbor, volunteered for the submarine service, and was in Tokyo Harbor when the final Japanese surrender was signed.

What were Adolf Hitler's final orders?

Well, His final orders to the military were to defend the capital. His final orders to his staff was to cremate him beyond recognition.

What was the outcome of the Pearl Harbor?

The basic outcome of the surprise-attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in December of 1941 was to awaken a fighting spirit in the American people. While America had suffered a temporary defeat, with a number of important ships damaged or sunk, the more important result was that American pride and security were violated: Americans now wanted to fight -- and to fight until final victory was achieved.

What is the name fo the 1980's movie about an aircraft carrier going back in time to Pearl harbor?

The Final Countdown

When was Godfather Don Vito Corleone's birthday?

In the final (flashback) scene in Godfather Part II, Michael remembers the day after Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941), and his brother Sonny says, "Wasn't it terrible of the Japanese to attack on Pop's birthday?"

Did the attack on pearl harbor cause the US to attack the Japanese back?

Yes. It also was the final deciding factor in the US's declaration of war on the other Axis powers, Germany and Italy. The United States attacked Japanese bases in the Pacific with several bombing campaigns and invasions, and ultimately dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to force them into surrender.

What are reasons that led the entrance of US in World War 2?

The final convincing event was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After that, war was declared by the U.S., joining the European allies.

What is the movie in which the USS Enterprise goes back in time to the period right before Pearl Harbor?

The Final Countdown. Martin Sheen and Kurt Douglas. Great movie!

What is the movie from the late 80's or early 90's that involves time travel with a storm and goes back to pearl harbor?

It was called The final countdown. It came out in 1980.

When did the attack stop on Pearl Harbor?

At 03:42 the periscope of a Japanese submarine was spotted two miles from the entrance to Pearl harbor by the crew of the minesweeper USS Condor (AMc-14).At 06:10 Japanese carriers turned into the wind and the first flight of Japanese fighters took off en route to Hawaii.At 06:45 the crew of the destroyer USS Ward fire on and sink the miniature sub called in by the Condor.At 07:02 the operators of the Army Opana Mobile Radar Station report fifty plane in bound toward Oahu.At 07:40 the first flight of Japanese fighter/bombers reaches the coast of Oahu.At 07:49 Japanese Air-Attack Commander Mitsuo Fuchida orders the attack to commence.At 07:55 Commander Logan C. Ramsey sees the first bombs fall from the window of his office at Ford Island Command HQ.At 10:00 hours, Japanese fighters rendezvous with bombers and return to the attack fleet, ending the attack. Deciding against a final wave, the fleet is ordered to turn for home at 13:00 hours.Pearl Harbor was the first shot fired between Japan and the US during WWII. The war lasted about 4 more years, and ended with the destruction of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What were the dates of US participation in World War 2?

From the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941 until the final surrender of Japan on 2 September 1945.

Why can you see the ship that sunk at Pearl Harbor?

The USS Arizona was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Harbor is only about 40 feet deep, so the top of the wrecked battleship is visible. It became a US War Memorial and it the final resting place for those Americans killed & entombed in the wreck. You can take a scheduled tour boat out to the memorial. There is platform built on top of the wreck, that includes the names of those killed on the ship. More info is available on the internet.

What was Final Jeopardy for January 1 2010?

ROSE BOWL HISTORYThe only time the game wasn't held in Calif. was 1942, when it was in N.C., amidst fears of another event like this one Pearl Harbor