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The opening date of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney was September 15 and the closing date was October 1.

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Q: When were the olympic games in Sydney?
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In what year were the Olympic games held in Sydney Australia?

The Olympic Games were held in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

When were the Sydney games held?

The Sydney Olympic Games were held in 2000.

When did sydney host the olympic games?

Sydney hosted the Olympic games in Sydney 2000 and it officially opened on the 13th of September and it finished on October the 1st.xx

Where did 2000 summer Olympics take place?

The 2000 Summer Olympic Games took place in Sydney, Australia.

What country was the 2000 olympic games held in?

sydney sydney

What year was the sydney Olympic games held in?

The Summer Games of Sydney were held in 2000.

When were the olympic games held in Sydney?


Where will the 2025 Olympic games be held?


When Trampolining introduced olympic games?

2000 Sydney Games.

Where and when in Australia was the last Olympic Games?

The last Olympic Games held in Australia were in Sydney in 2000.

The location of summer 2000 olympic games?

Sydney, Austraila

What year where the first Olympic games held in Sydney?

In me.