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When were you most satisfied in your job?

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When my customers were satisfied with my work. (:

2012-02-28 21:56:39
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Q: When were you most satisfied in your job?
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How do you answer 'When were you most satisfied in your job' in a job interview?

There is no right or wrong way to state when you were most satisfied in your job. You should simply just state when you were most satisfied.

What are the effect of job satisfaction on customer satisfaction?

When an employee is satisfied with their job, they provide better service. When they provide better service, then the customer will be more satisfied with the job.

What is job contentment?

It is being in a job you like and being satisfied with it.

How would you define job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is the degree by which an employee is satisfied with their job. Many satisfied employees come to work as scheduled and are very productive throughout the day.

Why are you leaving your previous employer?

if one is not satisfied with that job

What aspects of your job are you most satisfied with?

Different people are satisfied with different aspects of their jobs. Some are happy with their co-workers. Other get pleasure out of the work itself while other find joy in the salary.

What previous job was most satisfying to you and why?

You are more likely to stay at a position if you are satisfied with your job. When answering this question, be prepared to also give a reason why your left that position if you found it satisfying.

Are most registered nurse are satisfied with there jobs?

it depends on the type of person you are. i am a nurse and i enjoy my job. as long as you are willing to help people no matter what and you are fine with the number of hours (most) nurses work, it is a great job for anyone

What percentage of nose job patients are satisfied?

60 percent

Why you want to leave your current job?

Beacuse i am not satisfied from total earning

If you are fired by Human Resources can your supervisor hire you for the same job if they are satisfied with your job performance?

It depends on why HR fired you, It is highly irregular for HR to fire people, Most times the boss is responsible for that even if he does not say the words.

How to reply to a job offer?

First, thank for giving this opportunity. If you are satisfied with this job, just show your best interests in this job, what's kind of things you can master.

What list of questions should you ask a person about their job?

How did you get it? Why were you hired? Are you satisfied? What would you change?

Do you tip a self-employed hairdresser?

Yes especially if you are satisfied with the job, they did on your head

What is the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction and money?

motivation causes you to work harder and make more money which allows you to be satisfied with your job

How money brings about job satisfaction to employees?

When you get money you know that your job is worth something and that can give you great contentment in your job. You become satisfied with your job when you get a salary that you think parallels and goes with the amount of work you do.

Is carmella bing working?

Yeah, of course she is working.... Her job is to get satisfied in the fat bottom by men.

Why did Theodore roosevelt start his own political party?

He was not satisfied with William Taft's job as president.

Why did Theodora Roosevelt Start his own political party?

He was not satisfied with William Taft's job as president

What is more important personal satisfaction or professional satisfaction and why?

They go hand in hand. If you are personally satisfied, you are a professionally better/happier employee. If you are professionally satisfied, you are a happier person and that is reflected at your job.

What are the importance of the customer to the manager job?

The customer is very important to the manager. The manager must make it his job to make sure that the customer is always satisfied.

What do you like to work last outdoor job or indoor job?

i like my outdoor job because i am being satisfied earning money as well of course and the management provides good service.and i am happy what ever my job is.

How long would you expect to work if hired?

as long as the job were satisfactory to both parties and everyone was satisfied.

WHAT ARE Hr concept about hiring people in an organization?

when the people are not satisfied whit their job then the employee quit the job. If the employer will not motivate the employee then the employee will be dis hard.

What are the features of job satisfaction?

Features of job satisfaction include happy employees, feelings of accomplishment, and more production. Individuals can be satisfied with different aspects of their job, including pay, working hours, or benefits.