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When were your mail mailed out?

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You can expect that your mail will be mailed out the same day which you place it in a mailbox if you do so in the morning, or the following business day if you place it in the mailbox after the carrier has already visited the mailbox that day. The postal service picks up from most mailboxes Monday through Saturday. To determine when a letter was mailed, if you are in receipt of the letter, you can examine the postmark date on it. It shows when the postal service took possession of the letter.

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What is the past of mail?


What is the past tense of mail?

The past tense of mail is mailed.

What is the action verb in this sentence I mailed a letter to your friend Roxanne?

Mailed ... it's the past tense of the action verb, mail as in to 'mail a letter.'

Is it legal to open someone else's mail at work?

It is legal to open someone else's mail at work. When something is mailed to a business or organization, it is actually mailed to them.

What are the tenses of mail?

The present tense is:I/You/We/They mail.He/She/It mails.The past tense is mailed.The future tense is will mail.

Can shabbat shalom be e-mailed?

Email anything you want

What is the form of past for mail?

The past tense is mailed.

What happens to mail with wrong zip code?

the mail doesn't get mailed to the right house

Is mail delivered faster if it is mailed on Sunday?

No, because mail people do not deliver on sundays.

Does mail get picked up on holidays?

I mailed a letter on yesterday and I mailed one today when will it be picked up and delivered?

What is the past participle of mail?

The past participle of 'to mail' is mailed.(See Related questions below)

What is another word for mail?

mailed mailing  

What happens to a mail envelope with no return address?

It will NOT be returned to the sender that is for sure if it does not have a correct return address on the mailed envelope and the one that it was mailed to has a incorrect address or does NOT accept the mailed envelope.

What part of speech is mail?

The word mail is a verb. The past tense is mailed. It can also be a noun (e.g. the postman delivered the mail)

What is bulk mail dilevery?

Bulk mailbroadly refers to mail that is mailed and processed in bulk at reduced rates.

Is there mail the week of July 4th?

Yes, mail will still be mailed during the week of fourth of July.

Can you mail guns in the us mail?

Firearms can legally be mailed within the restrictions of the Postal Service. Ammunition and many other explosives cannot be mailed. (see the related link)

What address is an IRS form 8862 mailed?

Where do mail 8862 form

Does an officer have to issue a citation at the time of the violation or can he mail it to you?

It usually can be mailed.

How long does regular mail take to get to Connecticut?

depends on when you mailed it in and when they will take it their. =)

How long does it take mail to be delivered from Port charlotte fl to fort Myers Florida?

Usually the same day if mailed by morning before the mail trucks leave, if not it gets mailed the next business day.

How long does it take for mail to be mailed from South Carolina to Massachusetts?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Can you mail a prescription?

You cannot mail your prescription drugs to someone else, but you can order prescriptions online or over the phone and they can be mailed to you.

What happens to a gun you mailed without knowing it was illegal to mail?

You need a lawyer.

How long do it take mail from Chicago to reach North Carolina?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.