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When white corpuscles eat red corpuscles what is the name of the condition?

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Perneciuos Aneamia

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What do white herons eat?

they eat fish and occasionally rodent's. their technical name is egret.

What is the name for a white chicken?

A white chicken is a raw chicken, so DONT EAT IT :P

What is blood and what is its function?

Blood is the bright red fluid that is pumped from the heart and is circulating in human body through arteries, veins and capillaries. It is not a mere liquid, for there are several minute bodies floating in it. These area known as corpuscles. Some of them are red and some white. Red corpuscles form nearly one half of the volume of blood. There for the color of the blood is red. White corpuscles are very little in blood, only 7,500 in one cubic millimeter of blood. But this small quantity of white cells is vitally important for the human body. They perform a very important function because they have the power to eat up invading becteria and thus protect the body from disease. Several functions of blood are :(a) Blood absorbs the food-constituents from the food canal and distributes them to the tissues. The changes undergone by the food in different workshops enable the food constituents to mix with the blood .(b) Blood absorbs the oxygen contained in the air, which is. Breathed in and takes it all over the body of oxidation. Red corpuscles of the blood carry out this function of carryingthe oxygen.(c) Blood carries away the waste materials that are formed in the tissues to the kidneys, lungs and the skin from where they are thrown out.(d) Besides the functions given above, blood serves another important purpose, that of defence. The white corpuscles constitute the arm y of the human body. When bacteria enters the body, it attacks the tissues and causes disease. The white corpuscles fight the bacteria, destroys it and get rid of it.

What foods should you eat with diarrhea?

white yogurt, cocked eggs (use a Little vinegar us condition, white rice without fat, black tea without sugar.

What is wrong if your dog is throwing up white foam and will not eat?

This could be a very serious condition. Please get immediate help for your dog from a vet.

Can a white tiger eat you?

yes the white tiger can eat you

Can you eat a white ibis?

It is legal to eat a white ibis.

What do black and white pandas eat?

what do black and white pandas eat

What does a white horse eat?

a white horse eat hay and grass

What presidents horse eat on the white house lawnand the name of the horse?

I think it was Teddy Roosevelt.

What do white whales eat?

"white whale" is not a recognized species name. The only whale specie that's reliabl white are Beluga whales. Check out the related question for those.

What do white tigers eat in captivity?

white tigers eat meat, so they will eat what ever they get from the people that feed them

What is the name of the white vegetable that crunchy like a potato and you can eat raw?

There are a number of white vegetables that are white, crunchy and can be eaten raw. These include but are not limited to: jicama, kohlrabi, parsnips and turnips.

What type of seal do the great white sharks eat?

they eat white types of seals. actually many. they eat white types of seals. actually many.

What do white bass eat?

white bass eat other fish and aquatic vegetation

What do honduran white bats eat?

Honduran White Bats eat Fruit and vegetation.

What animals eat the white turtle head?

the dear eat the white turtle head

Do you eat white powdered donuts?

Yes, you do eat a white powdered donut. I do if there's jelly in it.

What animals do white tailed deer eat?

White tailed deer are herbivores. They do not eat animals.

What are some low glycemic foods that I can eat to help my condition?

To help hypoglycermia, one should focus on fish, nuts and cheese. Bread should be grainy, not white. Brown rice is a better option than white or jasmine

What is the best medicine for white patches on skin?

what is the best medicine for white patches on skin the answer is depend on the skin condition that cause white patches. Because there are many pigmentation disorder that causes such white patches in skin such as the skin condition vitiligo. Some time normally on the face of children white spots appears due calcium deficiency. for later condition use diet having enough calcium. For pigmentation disorder use diet which boost the pigment production of the skin. A doctor once informed a friend that the white patch on his daughters skin was caused by a vitamin shortage and that the girl needed to eat more green vegetables.

What does the Euglena eat?

Euglena can eat only if it is kept in darkness, and in such condition it can ingest organic materials. In normal lighted condition it is a true photosynthic organism.

How do Great White White Sharks get their food?

They eat it

What eats the white crab?

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How the white tailed deer got its name?

The White Tailed Deer got its name by the white part that borders the tail and it is white underneath it's tail and body. Beagle lover, what was the first answer? That user always writes the stupidest things, like deers eat ice cream or stuff like that.