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Google never lets on when it will update an area. You can, however, subscribe to e-mail notifications via Google's new 'Follow Your World' app to receive e-mail when the area is updated. If enough people subscribe to a given area then Google can use that to prioritize which areas get updated.

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Does Google Earth update its pictures every day?

Google Earth does not have the capability to update their pictures every day. There is typically a one to two year lapse in updates to their site and the process is very costly and tedious. In order to update the photos they have to hire people with helicopters in every area they track to perform slow and low fly overs in a grid pattern using an exterior mounted video camera in order the update their site.

Why is there no ice on Google earth the north pole?

There is water at the North Pole on Google Earth because when Google update there Earth pictures they seem to update in seasons other than winter or else they can't be bothered to put ice on the North Pole. Another reason is because the North Pole is only covered in ice at winter times.

How can you see Google earth live?

no you can't pictures are taken of google earth so you can't do that

Google space pictures of earth?

Google Earth and Google Maps are great tools to view high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth.

Where can I get pictures of Venus?

Go to Google Earth

When will Google Earth take the next satellite pictures?

in 2030 is the next pictures

Does anyone filter the pictures shown on maps in Google Earth?

Yes, someone who works for Google does filter the pictures shown on maps in Google Earth. Otherwise, there may be something wrong with the picture if not.

Can you view pictures from 2007 on Google maps?

If imagery for a given area in Google Maps is older than 2007 you must wait for an update in that area.If imagery is more recent than 2007 Google Maps doesn't provide a 'historical imagery' view as Google Earth does. In that case you have to download/install Google Earth to see old/historical imagery.

When will Google maps update Pennsylvania?

Google Inc. Usually updates its digital maps yearly, including Google Earth and Google Maps.

When will Google Earth update their pictures for France?

Google never lets on when it will update an area but you can subscribe to google's 'Follow Your World' notification service to get an e-mail when they do update France or whatever location you pick.Sometimes newer imagery is available in 'Historical Imagery', which can be enabled from the View menu. In some cases the 'best' imagery isn't always the newest imagery.

When will Google Earth update their pictures for Kansas?

Google never lets on when it will update an area, but you can subscribe to Google's 'Follow Your World' notification service to get an e-mail when they do update Kansas or whatever location you pick.Sometimes newer imagery is available in 'Historical Imagery', which can be enabled from the View menu. In some cases the 'best' imagery isn't always the newest imagery.

When do they update Google earth?

Google Earth imagery is updated every 2-3 weeks. See related question for more details.

Are Google earth pictures taken in real time?


How did Google earth get pictures over airports?

The pictures were taken by a satellite which can photograph a large area.

How do you stop pixel enlargement when you start Google Earth?

The pictures in Google Earth can only get so detailed. Beyond that, they get all pixellated.

How do you update a Google Earth image?

You can't update these yourself, but they are updated by Google every 1-3 years. You can, however, add your own content (placemarks, image overays, etc.) to Google Earth or find other user-content in KML or KMZ files.

What program can you use to spy on the earth?

Google Maps and Yahoo Maps both have satellite pictures of all areas of the earth. You can zoom in close enough to see cars - but not much more detail than that. In addition to that, the stills used in the photos most of the time are old. Google and yahoo only update the pictures every so often (sometimes once every 3 years) to their sites. They also only update them when they get enough requests for a particular area.

How often does Google Maps update their satellite images?

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth and updated together usually once or twice a month. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Google Both Google Earth and Google Maps are updated with bulk updates usually once or twice every month but NOT every area is updated on each update.

What is Google Update current version plugin Download?

This Plugin is an add-on from Google which works as a updater for all its programs, you might have got this add-on when you installed any Google program like Chrome, Earth or any other software/tool from Google.Google Updater is installed when you download Google Pack or Google Earth.Google Update is an open source component of several different Google programs, including Google Chrome and Google Earth.See related links below for more details.

Can you get some funny but mean pictures and if so where?

yes on google earth

Where might one go to get a Google Earth update?

Google Earth should automatically prompt you to update, whether it be through the app stores or not, when a newer and updated version is up. If this doesn't happen you may have to allow for this to prompt you to update when there is a new version out or to simply check back every so often to see if it needs an update.

Do you have to pay to download Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free download available from Google at the Google Earth site.Google Earth Pro is an enhanced version of the free product tailored towards the business user. It is available for an annual subscription fee of $400. You can download a free 7-day trial of Google Earth Pro from the same download page.UPDATE: As of Google Earth 7.3, the free version of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro products have been combined into a single product "Google Earth Pro" which is free.

How can you update photos at Street View?

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

Are the pictures of the planets on Google Earth actual or animated photos?

They are real photos

How do you update Google earth version?

Normally Google Earth Pro auto-updates to the new version when it is available but if that feature is disabled or not working you can manually install the latest version. Visit the Google Earth download page to download the latest version for Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop platforms. You can show the version of Google Earth in the Hep menu and selecting "About Google Earth". Note that Google Earth desktop has been replaced with Google Earth Pro so all updates will be with the latter.For the web version of Google Earth, your web browser always accesses the latest version and you never have to install or uninstall the application.Mobile platforms can update Google Earth using the Google Store, Apple store, or equivalent application management utlility on the particular platform.