When will I get tax rebate check?

The government has talked about another stimulus payment. However that is different that what you are hearing about now during tax time.

The 08 stimulus payment was estimated of your 07 taxes. However, since it was a payment in 08, it is actually based upon your 08 taxes. Therefore you might have gotten the right amount, too much or too little.

If you got too much, don't worry the IRS wont ask for it back. A reason that perhaps you didn't get enough is because you had a baby in 08. Obviously your 07 taxes didn't show that and when you do your 08 taxes you possibly will get a credit called "recovery rebate credit" added to your refund.

You should get the recovery rebate credit in 8-15 days after you file your taxes. If you selected a rapid refund option, than you will get your refund, minus the rebate credit, through the rapid refund option and you will get the rebate check in 8-15 days.