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The government has talked about another stimulus payment. However that is different that what you are hearing about now during tax time.

The 08 stimulus payment was estimated of your 07 taxes. However, since it was a payment in 08, it is actually based upon your 08 taxes. Therefore you might have gotten the right amount, too much or too little.

If you got too much, don't worry the IRS wont ask for it back. A reason that perhaps you didn't get enough is because you had a baby in 08. Obviously your 07 taxes didn't show that and when you do your 08 taxes you possibly will get a credit called "recovery rebate credit" added to your refund.

You should get the recovery rebate credit in 8-15 days after you file your taxes. If you selected a rapid refund option, than you will get your refund, minus the rebate credit, through the rapid refund option and you will get the rebate check in 8-15 days.

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Can you get all your tax rebate back?

NO. There is no way to get a rebate check back for any reason.

When will you get your renters rebate back?

Your renters rebate check comes from your state tax department. You may be able to find some information about your renters rebate check by going to your state tax department website. Or some contact information may be available to help you check on when you you can expect to get your renters rebate check.

How do you check the status of your renters rebate for Pa?

You can check the status of Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications online by going to the PAPROPERTYTAXRELIEF COM websiteProperty Tax/Rent Rebate applicants can check rebate status by calling, toll-free, 1-888-PATAXES.Or you can click on the Below Related LinkRebate checks are not mailed until after July 1st.

What government entity handles a tax rebate?

Wondering what Government entity handles a tax rebate? A tax rebate is money that is given back. The tax rebate is handled by the IRS government entity.

If your social security check is direct deposit will your tax rebate check be too?

probably yes

When do you get your tax rebate?

When is tax rebate coming? It seems like a long time.

Do you have to pay taxes on the 2008 stimulus tax rebate checks?

No, the rebate check is an advance payment of a 2008 tax credit. The money is actually a portion of the refund or payment applied to the taxes you will file in 2009. Therefore as it is a refund check it is not taxable income.

If your state tax return is direct deposit will tax rebate check be direct deposit too?

yes it will be direct dep. also..

Is there a sales tax on a automotive factory rebate?

No the rebate is deducted prior to sales tax being totaled.

Is tax included when you get a rebate?


If federal tax refund is subject to garnishment what about this tax rebate?

I remember in 2001 when they last did this type of rebate check, that part of our check was kept as garnishment for student loan payment. So more then likely they can and will keep this rebate check to offset any federal payment that is due. ------------- For offset purposes, the stimulus payment is treated like any other tax refund. This means that part or all of your payment can be used to pay past-due federal or state income taxes or non-tax federal debt such as student loans and child support.

If looking for amendment check will you still get a rebate check on time?

if looking for amendment check will you still get a rebate check on time?

How do you check the status of your PA SSI rent rebate check?

When are we getting our rent rebate checks are we getting them early??

Are we getting a Federal tax rebate check 2009?

No Second Stimulus Check in 2009. $800 and $400 Tax Credits Instead - Updated with one time $250 Social Security Payment information

What is the tax rebate w4?


What happens to your stimulus rebate if the bank account that your tax refund was credited to is no longer open?

If they are unable to direct deposit it, they will mail you a check.

When will you get your?

rental rebate check?

Will you have to pay back this tax rebate?

NO. ACTUALLY YES.. THE REBATE IS BASED ON A ONE-TIME TAX CUT. IT IS ONLY AN ADVANCE ON YOUR 2008 RETURNS. No. The CNN article that made this claim was edited, and no longer mentions the "advance, not rebate" position.

Do you get ferderal and state tax rebate together at once?


How do you claim rebate on house insulation?

It`s not a rebate, it is a tax credit. So you have to wait until you file your taxes.

If you're in a chapter 13 can the trustee keep your tax rebate check?

Yes. All your assets are subject to their control. This refund is yet another.

When will you receive your pa rent rebate check?

In Pa, Checks will go out July 1.i havent receive my rebate check yet can you check into it for me,thank you

Can a pensioner get income tax rebate on his paid house rent?

Rent has no effect on income tax

What are the release dates for The Hathaways - 1961 Income Tax Rebate - 1.5?

The Hathaways - 1961 Income Tax Rebate - 1.5 was released on: USA: 3 November 1961

Will people receiving retirement pension get the new tax rebate?

anyone that paid taxes last year and made income of up to $70,000 should be inline for a tax rebate

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