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When will I know whether I'm pregnant?

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A couple of symptoms you could possibly notice in early pregnancy are: * missed menstrual period * nausea, with or without vomiting * fatigue * breast changes and breast tenderness * frequent urination If you have missed your period, then I suggest you see your family physician. Symptoms are not really noticable until around the 5th week of conception, but your first big hint would be of course a missed period. More opinions from FAQ Farmers: * There are several possible indicators that you are pg, but these can also be pre-menstruel symptoms too. If you have been stressed then that is another reason you have missed your period. Its not always that if you missed your period your pg because your proably not. * My 1st signs were at 4 weeks pregnant dizziness & nausea When your stomach is all huge and it's not because of junk food and no exercise! check with your doctor when you feel pushing, because it's probably the baby!!

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If im showing signs of pregnancy but my period is due in 3 days can i be pregnant?

Yes. You'll know in about 3 days whether or not you are pregnant.

I know im pregnant but the tests say no'?

How do you know you are pregnant in the first place?

How would you know if im pregnant but im not regular in your period because im breast feeding?

Even if you are breast feeding and you do get pregnant , you can know by the morning sickness and the urine test report if you are pregnant or not.

You are 11 and feel pregnant but know IM not?

If you haven't had your first period then no your not pregnant

How do you know if im pregnant with twins?

When you do the ultrasound they see it.

In how many weeks will i know if im pregnant?

you will have a missed period.

Can you know right awey if im pregnant?

I can't, but maybe you can.

How do you know if you are still pregnant are not?

hi my name is luticia Jones and i wonder if you don"t bleed how do you know if im still pregnant.

If you are a smoker and didn't know that you were pregnant can it harm the baby?

Whether or not you know you are pregnant doesn't change the circumstances. So yes, if you smoke at all while pregnant, whether you have knowledge of the little baby inside of you or not you still harm the child.

Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things. If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage. If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

How do you know if your duck is pregnant?

Ducks do not get pregnant, they will lay clutches of eggs and begin to get "broody" and sit on them. Whether they will hatch depends whether she has mated with a male or not.

How do you know if im pregnant if im feeling fine?

The best way to find out if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test, or make an appointment with your doctor and ask them to test you.

What if im not pregnant but you feel nauseated and im having pains in your uterus?

i dont know if i am pregnant but i think i am .. when someone pushes on my tummy it hurts whats going on ?

How do i know if im pregnant or not before i test?

You dont really know until you test for sure.

What do you do if your scardox alien is pregnant?

Im not too sure, mine is pregnant right now but i dont know how to get it out :S

How would you know im pregnant after removing the implanon?

Take a pregnancy test if you aren't sure if you're pregnant.

Why it is important to know whether cat is male or female?

Well you would like to know that because you want to know if the cat is going to get pregnant or get another cat pregnant....

Can a boy git pregnant?

No. . .why are you even asking that. . im in 6th grade and I know the answer to that .

How soon can you know im pregnant?

Purchase a pregnancy test kit and you'll know right away.

You were trying to get pregnant for years and for some reason im pregnant now why is that?

We don't really know. Many who adopt get pregnant after though. There's still many things we don't know about our bodies.

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