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god will come down very soon my fellow christians

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What is Jesus promise?

that he will descend down to earth again for the judgement day.

Why did Jesus come down to Earth?

Jesus came into the world to die for the sins of the world.

Did god ever come down to earth?

Read the tells you every thing you need to know. God is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus came down to earth, he was born here.

Did God the father feel pain when His son came down to this earth?

Is Jesus the son of God? Did he come down to earth? Or is he just a man who gave in to others' accusations that he was the Messiah and played along with them? We don't know. We cannot assume that Jesus is the son of God.

Why did God make Jesus look like he did?

Because Jesus came down on earth to save us and only a man could do it so Jesus came down to earth in the form of a man.

Was Joseph Stalin a antichrist?

He was not the anti-christ, because when he died the day of judgment didn't come, Jesus didn't come down from heaven, and the earth wasn't destroyed.

If what goes up must come down then where is jesus?

He is on the right hand of Father God ruling with him. He will return to the earth someday, hence he will come "down" here again. Remember HE rules the laws of gravity. He is not subject to the rules when he can walk on water, heal sickness and rise from the dead. He can still a storm or send a storm. So the your notion that he must come down because of nature's laws of gravity does not "hold water".

Why do they say that Jesus is the son of God when God say he beget nor begotting any children?

God wanted to come down to earth in a human form. That's when he created Jesus Jesus was god but not in god's heavenly form.

When is the anti Christ coming?

The anti christ will not come because there is no anti christ no human on Earth and amount to God or Jesus they are the almighty and cannot be outdone..nothing is a threat to them and we are all safe from the anti christ so start looking forward to when Jesus will come down to Earth and redeem us!! ...JdC

Who was involded when Jesus came down to earth on Good Friday?


Is the cross were Jesus died still on earth?

We don't know, They took it down when they brought Jesus down, and the bible doesn't say where they put cross.

Are children you have on earth basically other Mormons waiting to come down from heaven or?

Well, if you have children on earth they are not waiting to come down from heaven, since they have already come down from heaven. Nobody can be a Mormon without being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which could not happen without their knowledge and consent. So - no, unless your children were baptized Mormons, they are not Mormons.

Do any of the sailor scouts die?

well they all do when they come down to earth, then they all die again when sailor moon defeats queen Beryl. They might die again but I'm not shore

Whats it mean very down to earth?

It means if you don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you will go down to HELL!!! It's really bad down there!!! Trust me about this, but Trust Jesus for your life to be saved for infinite (forever and ever and ever and ever)!!!!!!!!! COME ON BE SAVED TODAY!!! THEY'LL WILL HAVE A PARTY IN HEAVEN!!!!!

How did the passersby and chief priests mock Jesus?

They mocked Jesus on the cross by saying, "if you are the Son of God, come down from the cross." The mocking of the passerby was similar. Of course, Christ did not respond to their challenge, because that would not have fulfilled His mission on earth.

Who knows when Jesus come down?

This year marks the return of Jesus Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ.

How important are the Gospels of Jesus?

The Gospels were extremely important and still are today. In them is the answer to salvation. When we belive that Jesus Christ is God, and came down from Heaven to Earth to save mankind; then we have salvation. The Gospels are what Jesus did, has done, and is still doing for EVERYONE so that we may come to live with Him, forever.

When will God come back to save us?

When all people know of Him, he will come to Earth and reign for 1,000 years. He will then have all people of Earth be judged, and, accourding to the Bible, if people are nonbelievers, anti-christ, etc., they will be put in the lake of fire, which is also described as the destruction of Earth. All believers, or people who have eternal faith in Jesus Christ, will go to Heaven and come down to the new Earth, with no sin.

Why is Jesus Christ significant?

Jesus is significant because He is God's son, He came down to Earth to live among the people He and His Father had created. He came down to Earth because humans (me and you, and everyone in the whole world) were sinners and needed to be saved from our sin. The punishment for our sin was death, and Jesus loved us so much that He took our punishment upon Himself, and was crucified for our sins. He rose again on the third day after His death and is now seated at the right hand of God. Now we have a free gift of salvation from Hell if we believe that Jesus died, was tortured, and rose again to save us( and that you can't save yourself), we can live in heaven with Him.

Who was Jesus then was he God?

Jesus is the only Son of God. God transformed into a human just for us and came down to earth to save us from eternal death. God is Jesus, Jesus is God.

Does something come down if it goes up?

Everything that goes up, comes back down again. The only thing that does NOT come back down again is age! Elevator, seesaw, yo-yo, thermometer, ball, airplane.

Do angels come down from heaven?

do angels come to earth .and you could still see it

What do christians put their hope in?

Christians know and believe in their hearts that God sent His Son Jesus down to Earth in order to save people from their sins. If you admit to God that you're a sinner, believe that Jesus is God's Son and came to Earth to save us from our sins, and confess your faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord you will be saved and go to Heaven when this world has come to pass.

What is the the temperature like on earth?

Come on down and find out :P

Do weather balloons come back down to earth?