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generally when its behind him on his left hand side. also whenever its on his left hand side but you wouldn't call it a backhand shot either a backhand net or block


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If you are a right handed player then take the corck to the right side and hit it by the racket..try it.

if you are right handed, your right hand, if you are left handed, your left hand

When the ball hits to your left hand if your right handed.

A backhand swing in tennis is using either one or two hands on the opposite side of your dominant hand to hit the ball. For example, if you have a two-handed backhand and you are right handed, you would swing at the ball with two hands on your left side. Thus, your backhand swing is on your left side with two hands.

It's easier to reach the Ball if it's smashed to your left side (if you are right handed) and you can react faster

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link below), tennis player Stefan Edberg was right-handed.

Graham Harrell is actually a Football player not a actor. He is actually Right handed.

Yes, a right handed guitar is for right handed people.

LEFT-HANDED! not right-handed!

mike trout is a right handed thrower and right handed batter.

Two right-handed parents can have a right-handed child and one will be left-handed but will one right-handed parent and one left-handed parent have a left handed child or right handed children?

Yes, he was right-handed.Yes, he was right-handed.

He is right and left handed mostly right handed.

A forehand shot is a shot that is executed where the palm of your hand is facing your opponent, to the right side of the elbow for a right handed player and vice versa for a left handed player.

I believe he is right handed because of when he writes with his right hand.... But in "Christmas Who", he wrote right handed then switched to his left. And he wrote right handed in "No Free Rides", he wrote right handed. It is revealed in "You Don't Know Sponge", that he is ambidextrous.

Bill Kaulitz is right handed. As a matter of fact, they are all right handed.

It all comes down to how comfortable you feel using right or left handed clubs. Generally those who write right handed are right handed golfers and those who write left handed are left handed golfers, but there are exceptions Phil Mickelson writes right handed, and many right handed golfers are left handed.

no, hes right handed

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