When will earth be hit by an asteroid?

Astronomers say on April 14, 2029, a giant asteroid named Apophis will come really close to Earth, closer than the moon. On April 14, 2036, Apophis will make another close approach and possibly hit Earth. In 2029, if Apophis enters a thing called a keyhole, it will probably most definitely hit Earth in 2036. There are a couple theories that will try to stop it. One theory is we could send a few nuclear missiles and break it down to pieces and let it fall back to Earth. The second theory is we could send out a giant ball and knock it out of the way but it will maybe go through the keyhole again. The third theory is we could send a giant ship with a lot of gravity and tow it out of the way.No need to be scared if I were you because it has a 1 in 37 chance