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Mice pups are blind, deaf and furless when they're born but hair will begin to appear after just 2-4 days. The ears open after 3-5 days, while the eyes remain shut until the pups are two weeks old.

If you have a new boy that the female has never met DONT let him touch the pups or if you've held him your Hans will smell like him and the mother might kill her babies

But otherwise happy breeding :)

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When will your baby mice grow fur?

When i mouse gives birth the babies will start to grow there fur almost imeadlity after three days they can hear and after a week there eyes will open

Can baby mice see?

Baby mice cannot see at first, but after about 10 days the babys eyes open and they can also hear.

How old are baby mice when they grow hair?

Any time from 7 days onwards.

How long does it take baby mice to grow fur?

just 2-4 days

What do you feed a wild baby mouse if its eyes aren't even open yet?

You should feed baby mice baby cat and also you can dip bread in it and feed them if they start o grow hair!Mr and my sister have 4 baby mice and they are eat at the same time.

How old are baby mice when they open there eyes?


What should you do if your baby mice are 13 days old but they have not opened their eyes yet?

Don't worry. They'll open their eyes soon. If, after a few more days they don't, you should contact your local vet.

Do baby mice have hair when they are born?

No, they don't have fur. They will grow fur during 3-6 days of being born. I guess they just have to grow it as we do when we are born.

What should baby mice look like?

First born pups should be tiny, pink, furless, blind and deaf. Their fur will start to grow around a week and after about ten days their eyes will open and they will start to hear.

Why are baby mice born blind?

Baby mice are born blind because when they are born, their eyes haven't been developed yet. :)

What to feed baby mice that just opened their eyes?


How old do baby mice usually sleep?

with their eyes open

When can baby mice open their eyes?

at the age of 2 months

Why do baby mice lose their fur?

Baby mice do not lose there fur. They are actually born without it. A healthy baby should be naked and pink. When they reach seven days old then their colored fuzz appears and as the grow so does their fur until they reach adulthood.

What do you feed baby mice once there eyes are open?

A baby mouse will open its eyes at thirteen days old. Baby mice are weaned of their mothers milk at four weeks. So you should continue feeding it formula if it dosent have its mum. At three weeks you should introduce mouse food from the store to help wean them off the milk.

Why are baby mice pink when they are first born?

Baby mice are pink because they haven'tgrown fur.after 1 or 2 weeks they grow there fur.

When does baby born mice open there eyes?

around 5 weeks

How much do baby mice eat a day?

I have 2 baby mice that haven't opened their eyes yet and we have been feeding them every 2 hours

When will baby mice get its fur?


How long will it take mice to mate?

for baby mice it can take up to 6 days or more 15 days at the most. mice babies run about $2.50-7.50 each

How long before baby mice move from the nest?

After about two to three days you should pick the mice up but make sure the mother and father are not there. After about 2 weeks the mice will open There eyes and start to walk around a little. * mice will be very jumpy and should be separated so they do not breed.

When do baby mice open their eyes and do you wean them before or after?

mice' eyes open at aprox. two weeks. they need to be able to nurse for at least a month before separated from their mothers.

How long does it take for a mice to grow hair?

around 7 days.

When do baby mice open their ears?

3-5 days old

How long are mice baby in the womb?

Exactly 21 days in the womb!