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when you obtain the national dex

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Where is dawns house in Pokemon pearl?

Twinnleaf Town

Where do you catch Swinub in Pokemon Pearl?

go to sandgem town and ask Dawns sis in Dawns house and she will tell you

Were is dawns sister in Pokemon pearl?

she is in the biggest house in sandgem town - she is downstairs

Where is Dawn's dad in Pokemon Platinum?

He is in the same place as pearl and diamond versions(Dawns house)

Pokemon Pearl Where do you find Dawns sister?

She's in the house directly below the lab in Sandgem Town.

Where do you find dawns little sister in Pokemon fire red?

in dawns house

Where is dawns little sister in Pokemon diamond?

Dawns little sister is in Sandgem Town. Dawns house is just below the Pokemon center and the lab. (It's the biggest house there) She'll be inside neer Dawns Grandfather.Dawn's kid sister is in Dawn's house in sandgem city ( the biggest house there).

How do catch beldum in pearl?

go to sandgem town, in dawns house a girl there will tell you routes where rare Pokemon can be found, hopefuly she will say a route where beldum can be found

How do you get a smoochum in Pokemon Pearl?

Smoochum (psychic, ice) can onle be found when is swarms. Every day talk to Dawn's sister (In the big house in Sandgem) and she will tell you what Pokemon is swarming that day, eventually it will be Smoochum. Smoochum swarms in the long grass north of the lake near Snowpoint. Catch other Pokemon she tells you are swarming as they are usually rare.

Where can you find a Lickitounge in Pokemon Pearl?

you can only get it through the little girl in sandgem town (dawns little sister.) when you are at the Pokemon center , it is the house directly below the center. every day she will tell u about a Pokemon that is there 4 one day only.

Can you catch a drowzee on Pokemon diamond?

complete the Sinnoh pokedex and go to ROWANS LAB in SANDGEM TOWN and talk to PROFFESSOR ROWAN. PROFFESSOR OAK will burst in and give you a NATIONAL DEX and a POKERADAR. Go to DAWNS HOUSE and her sister will give a swarming tip. One of these days she will give you the Drowzee swarming tip on ROUTE 210 and go there. DROWZEE will be waiting in the grass.............

When can you find swarm Pokemon?

First you need to have beaten the Elite 4, Then you need to obtain the national dex. Talk to Dawn's/Lucas's little sister in the house in front of the Pokemon center in Sandgem, and she'll tell you what Pokemon is swarming. (Swarming Pokemon change everyday)

Does the girl at Lucas's house ever tell you where legendary Pokemon are?

No, she tells you where pokemon from other regions are swarming, so you have a chance to catch them there.

Can you catch an absol in Pokemon pearl?

you first need to have a national Dex then go to sandgem town and go to dawns house and also talk to the little girl and go to route 213.Thats how you catch Absol

How do you get beldum in Pokemon pearl?

go to dawns house (the house under the lab ) after you beat the elite 4 then talk to her little sister everyday she tells you that a swarm of Pokemon has apeard in a spacific route (shell tell you the name of the Pokemon and the route ) talk to her everyday eventualy itll be beldum (to me it was today 17 march 2009 ) enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the president on Pokemon Pearl?

he's not in Pokemon pearl; he's managing his affairs in the white house

How do you get Absol in Pokemon Diamond?

First u need to fly to sandgem town, then u enter dawns house and talk to the little girl she'll tel u where to get cool Pokemon and she tells u a new one every day so hang tight until she tells u how to get it (only works after national)Go to Sandgem town there's a house with a little girl in it and every day she tells you about a Pokemon swarming somewhere. Once she says Absol is swarming, go to the route she tells you about and you'll be able to find some there. also you can migrate it from gba game.

On Pokemon Pearl what is a good Pokemon to chain?

On Pokemon pearl when you go to dawns house in sandgem town were her little sister will be in the first room. Talk to her and she will say that she watched the news and it said that there is a swarm on route e.g. and then the Pokemon swarm that is there. When chaning the chance of the Pokemon swarm will be a 40% chance. If she says a Pokemon that's eletrick you should get a Pokemon that has a higher level and a Pokemon that has the ability magnetick pull because it increses the chance of seeing a electric Pokemon by alot.

Where is the swarm in route 228 in Pokemon platnium?

You would find swarming Pokemon on rt 228 at the grass patches up north or the south where the house is.

How do you get your own house on Pokemon Pearl?

Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl Sorry, you can only obtain your own house in Pokemon Platinum. But you can still have a secret base in pearl besides im fat as

Where do you find larvitar Pokemon platinum?

its a swarm, you have to check dawns house everyday. talk to her sister and she will tell you where the daily swarm is.

How do you get to bucks house in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You go to the Survival Area and his house is on the left of the Pokemon center

How do you find Cyrus on Pokemon pearl?

in the light house

Where is the ware house on Pokemon pearl?

past floroma.

How do you massage a Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Go to the house nearest the Veilstone Gym

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