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Q: When will the next Pokemon game be on Wii?
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Are there plans to make a new Pokemon Battle Revolution game?

They will announce a brand new Pokemon Game either for DS or Wii or Project Cafe Wii 2 next Month in June near 12-18

Is there going to be a Pokemon game for Wii U?

Nobody knows if there will be a Pokemon Wii Disc game, but there is a Downloadable Pokemon Game at the Nintendo Wii Shop. It goes for 800 points or so, and it is called Pokemon Rumble.

Will there be a wii Pokemon game that has shadow Pokemon?

You can put the gamecube version of it on your wii. That works.

Are they making a Pokemon game for the Wii?

they are gonna make a few Pokemon games for the wii k.

What is a good Pokemon adventure game for Wii?

There is no such thing as a good Pokemon game.

Is the next Kirby game going to be for Wii or DS?

For the Wii.

Will Pokemon Black and White come out on wii?

I am sorry but probably not, a good adventure game for the wii which is a gamecube game is Pokemon colluseum which is my favorite

Can you get an Pokemon platinum event next to a wii?


Are they going to come out with a better Pokemon game for wii?

there making meele Pokemon scramble for wii ware

Where do you get Pokemon Rumble Wii?

You can download the game from the Wii shop channel.

What is the new game of Pokemon for Wii?

Recently, the newest Pokemon game for Nintendo Wii is Pokemon battle revolution. ____________________________________________________________________ Sooner or later, there will be a new game called PokePark(download)

Is there a Pokemon wii game called pokefarm?

No its wii ware pokemon ranch

What console is the new Zelda game for?

Twilight Princess is for Game Cube and Wii the next one will be for Wii

Can you get the Pokemon Rumble Blast game for wii?

No, pokemon rumble blast is a game for the Nintendo 3DS

What is Pokemon Pikachu and buneary for Wii?

it is a game that u play on a Nintendo wii

Is the game Pokemon Rumble available for the DS?

No its only for the wii (wii ware)

What is the next Legend of Zelda for wii besides skyward sword?

Skyward Sword will probably be the last Zelda game for the Wii because this year the Wii is supposed to be replaced with the Wii U. The next Zelda game is supposed to be for the 3DS, followed by a game for the Wii U, but not a lot is known about those games yet.

Where to get Pokemon Ranch?

erm,... Pokemon Ranch is a channel on Nintendo Wii. You have to download the game off the wii shop channel.

How do you start your Pokemon ranch game over?

You would need to transfer all your Pokemon back to your DS game, and delete the save data in the Wii Options menu (Wii Options -> Data Management -> Saves -> Wii -> My Pokemon Ranch -> Delete). However, if you delete your game save, you will lose any Pokemon left on your My Pokemon Ranch game.

How do you get Pokemon Colosseum on Wii?

there is no Pokemon Collusem for wii only for(N64, and Gamecube) There is a similar game for wii called ''Pokemon Battle Revelution'' I have it.... But trust me it is not that good. I would rate it 3.7 out of 10.00

What is the new Pokemon Wii game's name?

The newest Pokemon game to hit the Nintendo Wii is called Everyone's Pokemon Ranch. The game involves you downloading your Diamond and Peral Pokemon to your Wii and storing and interacting with them on a farm. You get various opportunities to trade for Pokemon whilst on the farm, including for a Phione and a Mew. Everyone's Pokemon Ranch is available through the WiiWare service. You can use your Mii to interact with your Pokemon.

What is the next Nintendo game after the wii?

dont no

When will the next Pokemon game come out?

the next Pokemon game will come out in spring 2011 and will be called Pokemon black and white

Is it possible to trade PokΓ©mon's from a gamecube-game on the wii console to a Pokemon DS game?

First you have to trade Pokemon to your gameboy advance.Then you trade is from your gameboy advance to your ds game.Then yourds game to your wii. First you have to trade Pokemon to your gameboy advance.Then you trade is from your gameboy advance to your ds game.Then yourds game to your wii.

Why can you not trade your level 100 legendary Pokemon at the global trade station on Pokemon diamond?

You must have a Wii with the Pokemon game Battle Revolution on it, then hook up your DS to the Wii with the GTC from the game running. I think it works, my cousin tried it a month ago. What if i dont have Pokemon Battle Revolution are a Wii?