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When will the question you asked on WikiAnswers be answered?

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2016-03-29 06:51:32

Every question and answer at WikiAnswers is contributed to by

regular visitors like you. It's all co-operative. We depend on you

to ask questions, and we also depend on you to help answer other

people's questions. Most questions will get a reply from a nice

person, supervisor, expert, or regular user who can at least point

you in the right direction, if not give you a definitive


All WikiAnswers questions are asked and answered by visitors

just like you. It is highly unlikely that all the questions here

will ever be answered right away since:

  • Thousands of new questions are asked every day.
  • Some questions are virtually unanswerable.

Yes. Some questions on WikiAnswers get answered. This one just


A tip for getting your question answered is to make sure that it

is in the correct category, and the question is grammatically


Of the four questions (including this one) you posted - two were

answered fairly quickly. The question 'What is permanetly froaen

subsoil called' - contained two spelling errors which you should

have corrected before you submitted it. Your final question (this

one) has obviously now been answered !

You must remember this is not a live

website - it's a forum. You need to be patient to

wait for someone to log-on and actually read your question before

they can answer it !

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