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Size codes for Crash Boom Bang?


What is the song Miguel A Nunez Jr is singing in the boom boom room in the movie Life?

King size papa by julia lee

What is the size of a baby lynx?

well about the size of a lynx but baby sized

What is the size of the baby Jaguar?

The size of a baby jaguar is 3 inches.

How does the size of Sahara compared to the size of the US?

The Sahara is slightly smaller than the contiguous 48 states. However, it is growing so could surpass that in short order.

Are there more young than old?

Because of the Baby Boomer generation, their are more elderly people. Also the size of general families is very small right now.

Size baby grand piano?

how can you tell what size a baby grand piano is

What size is a baby panda?

the size of a baby panda is 15 cm long

Is the second generation iPod Touch the same size as the fourth generation iPod Touch?

The screen size is exactly the same. But, the back of the 4th generation is flatter, so if it is placed on a surface it won't wobble.

What two things must be coordinated for cells to stay the same size from generation to generation?

To maintain a suitable cell size, growth and division must be coordinated.

What is the average size of a new born baby?

The average size of a baby is 7 pounds

What is the size of the baby narwhal?

The size of a narwhal is 120 pounds for a baby and 270 for a adult.

What size were computers of the first generation?

It depends on how you define 1st generation. The earliest computers were mechanical, and the size of a fairly large room. We then had electrical computers, like the Enigma encryption device, about the size of a large typewriter. 1st generation electronic devices were quite big - about 4 filing cabinets, with the first generation of 'home' computers being about the size we have now, but using CRT monitors.

Which actress has biggest bra size?

pamela Anderson or dolly parton. boom

For cells to stay the same size from generation to generation what two things must be coordinated?

growth and division

What is the size of 4th generation computers?

about 8 pounds

What size is the ipod 4th generation jack?


How big is a baby shark?

The size of a baby shark depends on what kind of baby shark you are talking about. The size of a baby great white shark is five feet.

What is baby seahorse size?

the size of a baby seahorse

How many baby carrots equals a cup?

Depends on cup size and size of baby carrots

What is baby lyssa Chapmans bra size?

What size bra does baby lyssa chapman wear

Why did the size of computer get reduced in third generation computer-?

The size of computers was reduced in third generation computer because the Integrated Circuits allowed 10 or more transistors per package unlike the one transistor that was allowed in the second generation.

What size is the Nexus 7?

The display size is 7 inches (both first and second generation).

What size is a baby octopus when born?

The size of a flea

What is the Baby Boom?

Answer When the KOREAN War AND WOLD WAR TWO was over, millions of men returned to the U.S. who had been overseas for as much as 4 years. Over the next 20 years these millions of men married millions of women and created millions of babies. The number of babies was much greater than in years prior to these wars. It is said that without the economic prosperity and GI Bill of the postwar years the baby boom and economic boom would not have been as large as it was. The prosperity, and GI Bill in addition to the confidence these young men had (after defeating the enemy) created a fertile ground for the creation of many families.The baby boom was also very marked in other Allied countries, too - for example, in Britain.The baby boom was the result of the end of World War II. Returning soldiers and sailors got married, and started to produce families. This produced a "bulge" in the population curve of most countries which was named "The Baby Boom". The children of post World War II families created challenges to certain government agencies, such as education, health, and social services.These children are defined as those born between the years of 1946 to 1964. Some sociologists place the latter date as 1956, a ten year spread, as the boom after World War 2 and the rest of the boom after the Korean War.As a Boomer, I remember attending school with class sizes of 36 to 40 children as a normal class size. While we put a strain on the school system, the children of the boom were the most literate and well trained generation as evidenced by the SAT scores of 1967...the highest scores ever made by a "class".Technically, a baby boom is a statistical variation "bulge" in the prediction of population growth. The "Baby Boomers" were the first statistical proof of this bulge. It also affected the census counts, government representation in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.The term "Baby Boom" does not only represents a number in population figures but also the cultural effects caused by the baby boomers themselves. They were responsible for "free living", "Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll", "Hippies" and the changing of social and spiritual mores of all three major places such as the USA, European Nations, and Canada. (Edited 10-11-10 by contributor editor)