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When will the world blow up?

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The world - as in the Earth will last for billions of years. Life on the Earth is a matter of some speculation - from an astronomical point of view, life will have to change and evolve in about one billion years time, when the Sun starts to get larger and warmer. From an environmental point of view - only mankind has that power.

In around 5 billion years' time, our Sun will have expanded to the orbit of Mars as a red giant, and all life on Earth will have been killed off as the atmosphere and water are boiled away into outer space,

The Earth as a planet will still exist as a rocky, albeit hot, lump of matter. It will (probably) not explode, blow up or turn into a supernova as it doesn't have enough matter to do any of these things.

As our Sun dies and cools down, the Earth will cool down also, until it is nothing more than a cold lump of rock in dark space.

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hi when is going t blow up i

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