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he returned at summerslam he was in Jeff's spot then lights when of and taker did chokeslam to punk

Your rite taker will return at summerslam and will come after his attacker {KANE} and eventually will face Kane for the world heavyweight chamionship

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Who Thinks Undertaker Will Return then Answer you?

i think he will return because the undertaker said ''i will always return''.

Will undertaker return at unforgiven?

Undertaker may return at summerslam not unforgiven

Will the undertaker return in 2010?

the undertaker is going to return in 2010 because Kane and the nxus burid the dead man the undertaker and

When is the undertaker going to return to WWE?

I think undertaker will return at royal rumble or at wreslemaina !

When is the Undertaker to return?

The Undertaker returned at SummerSlam of 2008.

Will the undertaker return as the biker undertaker?

The Undertaker took time off but returned to WWE.

Will the undertaker return at 2.1.12?

they say that undertaker may return. its up to him though, so if he doesnt decide if he wants to return he wont. undertaker MAY NOT return because of how serious the injury was but there is never a correct answer. BUT MOST LIKELY YES.

Does undertaker return in wrestlemania27?

no never he wont and he will not return

When will the undertaker return to wrestling?

The Undertaker is schelduled to come back at Summerslam

When will the undertaker return to the WWE?

The Undertaker is scheduled to reappear at Summer Slam.

Will undertaker return at summersalm?

No he won't.. Because Undertaker is DEAD [R.I.P.] ;(

When does undertaker return?

In every Wrestlemania.

Will the undertaker ever return to the WWE?

yes he will vs. randy Orton at sommerslam No Undertaker has not said when he will return and he certainly will not be facing Orton

Will the undertaker return?

he may return at sumerslam and join team wwe

Will The Undertaker Return in2011?

he will return and win royal rumble 2011

When the undertaker returns?

Undertaker will return on 1/31/12 on monday nitgh raw

Will hbk return to the WWE?

after the loss to undertaker at wrestlemania 25 he will return but after the loss to undertaker in wrestlemania 26 he may never return however some say he is gonna return and fued with chris Jericho

When will WWE superstar undertaker return?

Undertaker will make him return on Wrestlemania. He is still recovering from Surgey. By the time Wrestlemania comes around he will be better.

Will undertaker return in 2010?

Yes, he will return at Summerslam when Kane tells the truth that Kane had put the Undertaker in the "vegatative state." During the time the Undertaker has been recovering from this injury, and had orital bone surgery

Did undertaker die last week?

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

Will the Undertaker return at Royal Rumble 2011?

The Undertaker will be returning someone in 2011. It is unknown when he will be returning.

Will the undertaker return again to WWE?

The Undertaker is going to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2015.

Is undertaker go return in 2010?

he will return this coming up wm 2010

Will the undertaker return with the ministry?

I highly doubt that he will return with the ministry although those were the best times of the undertaker apart from the American badass the undertaker is retiring soon and i think he will retire as he is now the deadman by himself. REST_IN_PEACE :)

When will undertaker return to the WWE?

I was reading an article that was talking about the undertaker and believe that it said something about a years break

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