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It will get soon knowing that virgin mobile runs on CDMA

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Ok...I'm not sure in virgin mobile has 4G capabilities as of right now (however it is possible that the virgin mobile wildfire does), there is a very strong possibility that virgin mobile will be receiving the HTC EVO 3d, which is a 4G phone. The phone is likely to come to virgin mobile US during the summer of 2012. -Hope this helped

As soon as the Apple adds 4G LTE to the iphone they will

No sadly I've tried and they won't let you, even if it's a sprint phone.

Virgin Mobile was founded in 1998. The first of the Virgin Mobile locations was in the UK. Now there are offices across the world including the US, South Africa and India.

First of all their is no 4g iphone yet the only iphone their are is the 2g iphone, 3g iphone, and 3GS iphone. The difference between an 3g iphone and 3GS iphone is that the 3gs is way faster than the 3g. It should be noted, however, that the 3GS does not access the 3G network any faster than the 3G model. The 3GS was a major processor upgrade, meaning functions on the phone itself perform much faster. A 4G iPhone is believed to be the next model that will be available, which considering AT&Ts capability, would be far from now. Sprint is the only carrier to date offering 4G service in the US, with Verizon believed to be soon behind it. In addition the 4G IPhone has a 5 megapixel camera

Virgin Mobile is a cellular phone system operated for Australian customers. The price and appeal of the phones are decidely as good or better as other Virgin Mobile products sold in the US, Canada and other parts of the world.

Virgin Mobile USA headquarters is located in New Jersey under the name Virgin Mobile USA Inc. Their address is 10 Independence Boulevard, #200, Warren, New Jersey, 07059.

Yes, the iPhone has been available now (contract free) on T-Mobile in the US since February 2013.

Nokia N8 by far has the best camera for a widely-available cell phone. Other good camera devices in the US are: T-Mobile myTouch 4g slide iPhone 4 HTC Evo 3D

In the US, AT&T and T-Mobile (unlocked only).

Not yet in the US (nobody really knows when), but outside the US, some T-Mobile subsidiaries do, from what I've read. If you use your iPhone in the US, you can unlock your iPhone using one of several hacking tools, and then T-Mobile will be happy to sign you up, either for phone-only service, or phone and data. It's a little cheaper than ATT, and depending on where you use the iPhone, you might get better (or worse) reception than with ATT.

It depends what you're looking for in a phone (specs) or what your looking for in plan (data, texting, calls etc.). Also, which Virgin mobile are you referring to? US, AU or UK? Here are some sources:

in the UK the iphone 4 unlocked 16gb is 499 british pounds and the 32gb unlocked is 599 british pounds in the US the iphone 4 locked by AT&T is $199 and the 32gb locked by AT&T is $299. The US prices indicate a contract phone price, that is not the same as an unlocked phone. The iPhone 3GS 8GB is $474, the iPhone 4 16GB is $649 and the iPhone 4 32GB is $749 with no contract. :)

To dial any number in the US (landline or mobile) from the UK, dial 00 1 followed by the area code and number.

The cell phone providers with the least expensive rate plans are Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, and Virgin Mobile. They are followed closely by Cricket and T-Mobile.

The iphone is available for t-mobile custumers even in the us, i called t-mobile to find out and they said yes. The only way to really know if is you ask the source. The iphone does have a sim card. You cant trust everyone and an easier way is to call them, you just have to wait awhile for a representative or go to your local t-mobile store.

The average price is like US$25-40. We (4ward Mobile) provide multiple types of iphone cases with good deals.

YOU MAY.. -call us at 789 then ask for PUK code -register your mobile number online and get PUK code

The iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order on Friday, September 14. It will ship and be available in the US and many other countries on September 21. There is no reason to believe that cell phone rates for the iPhone will increase with this new version. However, there will be a new option of 4G for the phone.

Yup you can do that by purchasing unlock code from any vendors online like

I think boost mobile inigato and his email us

If you get it unlocked it should work. One way to make sure is that if your iphone is able to use T-mobile sim you are guaranteed your phone to work in Ethiopia.

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