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When will you know when Rihie will like you?


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November 05, 2007 1:18AM

You can usually tell if a guy likes you if he ever shows off (sports, jokes, knowledge, etc.). Some guys, however, might be too shy to do it that way. If you ever see him look at you and smile for no apparent reason, and then turn away quickly, embarrassed, that could also mean something. If he never does that, but looks at you repeatedly over a small period of time, maybe with a daydream expression, he probably likes you. Many guys never tell the girl who they crush on that they like her, mainly because it would be awkward, and guys don't know how to act in awkward situations for the most part. Every guy is different, so he may respond differently than even his close friend would. It also depends on your relationship with the guy, because being a close friend to him will get a different reaction than if you are aquaintences with him. If you act flirty and the like around him, he could be turned off, ironicly, because he thinks that you may be a huge flirt around everybody or just too weird for him. Interests also can be a huge factor, too, so be interested (or at least pretend to) in things he says and does, and in turn, he will listen to (or at least grow fond of) you. Love is a complicated thing, so don't skim the surface or look too deeply, because you will end up regreting it. Understand it, but don't overanalyze it. Once you have conquered this, you can understand any relationship problem. Good luck with him! :)