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Whenever it is ready. Believe it or not, some mother cats will allow their kittens to suckle for many months after they have been weaned. Most kittens will keep suckling for comfort reasons, as at three months old all its nutrition comes from solid food. If the mother and kitten live together, thee is no harm in letting the mother decide when she has had enough and stops the kitten on her own.

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They stop feeding from their mother when they feel they are independent. They usually stop at six to ten weeks, but often they don't stop feeding until a little later. Most kittens are fully weaned around ten weeks old.

You stop feeding chick starter a month before they start laying usually at about 18weeks

AnswerJust pull it out from it's mother stomacchIf the mother isn't stopping the kitten, you shouldn't either. The mother knows when it is time for the kittens to leave the nest so to speak. If the kitten is the only one left in the litter that still drinks then you can take action, especially if the mother has tried to stop it.

Because since you help raise it, it looks at you like a mother figure.

The mother takes care of her cubs for a year

A cat is full grown at one year, and can eat cat food.

Your kitten should really stop drinking milk shortly after he/she has been weened from his/her mother.

A puppy stops feeding off their mother when they are about 8-6 weeks of age. When they reach this age, they are able to eat by themselves.

when the kittens are about 3 weeks old.Or when they can do it by themselves.

They stop nursing them, after about a month.

At your local wal mart they have the supplies to feed new born kittens if the mother decides to stop feeding them. Sometimes a mother will push a kitten away if it's sick and she doesn't think it will make it. Contact your vet about the situation if it doesn't get any better.

A Mother cat would normally stop feeding their kittens around 6-8 weeks after giving birth to them, the mother cat would stop feeding them and start to push them off because they grow teeth and bite the nipple and after a week of not feeding the nipple should dry up and when you squeeze the nipple nothing should come out thanks, llew

stop feeding them for a week ,then insert your mother in law into the tank

when cats are born they get feeded by their mom right? so after about six weeks they stop getting fed by their mom so you would want to start feeding a newborn kitten after six weeks but you have to give them soft moist and wet food so it wont hurt them thank you!

there really is no age... when the kitten first leaves its mother it misses her and wants her to come to it.. once the kitten gets used to its new house and new people they will stop.. and start purring more


when they stop feeding from their mother that's about 6 to 8 weeks old

you might need to start feeding it solids

right around 4-8 weeks. the mother will let her pups know when they're done :)

Dave Pelzer's mother stopped feeding him when the abuse started which was when he was only seven years old.

The cat may be confused that she is missing a kitten. Show the dead kitten to the mother so she can realize that it has passed away. She will eventually stop looking for it.

Depending on the species, possums are weaned between four and six months of age.

Weaning - It's went the babies stop taking milk from the mother and find their food through other sources.