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As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18-28 weeks. Other women say their tummy did not get firm until after 30 weeks.

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Q: When will your stomach begin to harden?
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What week do your stomach begin to harden during pregnancy?

The stomach becomes hard as the baby grows in the stomach ,and takes proper form.

Must harden your stomach when singing?

If you harden your stomach it will help you to project your voice more

When does the stomach harden in pregnancy?

Mostly towards the end. A clenching or hardening of the stomach typically is a contraction.

When in pregnancy does your lower stomach or abdomen begin to harden?

If you are slim you will probably start to notice the difference when you are 14-15 weeks pregnant. If you are carrying more fat in the abdominal area you will notice it later.

If your stomach is hard does it mean you are pregnant?

No, probably not. Your abdomen doesn't begin to harden until around 5 months of pregnancy, so unless you are already quite far on, it is unlikely that this is a sign that you are pregnant

When does the stomach become hard?

Around 15-16 weeks the uterus begins to harden

During pregnancy at what month does your uterus begin to harden?

Around 4 months

Is rennin a catalyst?

rennin is an enzyme which makes milk harden in your stomach so that it can be broken down and digested

The main chemical of the stomach is to begin the digestion of?

to begin the digestion of proteins

What is the purpose of the stomach?

The purpose of the stomach is to begin the process of digestion which will be completed in the intestines.

Does The digestion of proteins begin in the stomach?

Yes, the Protein digestion begins in the stomach.

Where does stomach digestion begin?

Oddly, it begins in the throat, on the way down to the stomach.

Where does the chemical digestion of protein begin?


Why do you have mucus in the stomach?

because if you didn't then the stomach would start to dis-line and begin to be prone

What is the vital function of the stomach?

To begin digesting your food

Which digestive organ does digestion of protein begin?

Your stomach.

Where does the bump begin if you're pregnant?

under your stomach

Where does protein breakdown begin in the human body?

in the stomach

Where does extracellular chemical digestion of protein begin?


Does digestion begin in your stomach?

No, digestion begin in the throat and finally gets completely digested in small intestine.

Where does digestion of proteins start?

the digestion of proteins begin in the stomach.

What did the skeletons say before they begin dining?

We can't stomach this!

When do the lipids begin to be digested?

lipids begins to digest in stomach .

Where does the chemical digestion of proteins begins?

Chemical digestion of proteins begin in the stomach.In the stomach.The digestion of proteins begin at the stomach.The stomach. There are recesses in the wall of the stomach called pits. These pits produces pepsinogen and HCl as well are protective mucous. Pepsinogen is the zymogen (inactive form) of pepsin the enxyme which breaks down protein. It is cleaved form the zymogen form into the active form in very low pH situations, this is why HCl is secreted here.MouthChemical digestion of protein starts in the stomach.It would begin in the stomach. It would occur by the action of an enzyme called pepsin.In the stomach

How early along in a pregnancy does the stomach begin to grow?

The stomach is the organ which is the primary digester of food. It does not grow during pregnancy.