When you're in water are you really wet?

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Because you are in water and it is obvious
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What do you do if you're wetting the bed?

For people who are older than a kindergartener, a visit to thedoctor for advice is in order. There are biofeedback measures and,for some, medication that may help. It just depends on thephysiology of the person--it is not always caused by apsychological problem. Remember that the person who is wetti ( Full Answer )

Why do girls get wet really fast?

Because niall baskerville is SEXY and makes them it............. mmmmmmmm mm! hes making it as i type this ;) teehee I LOVE HIM x

How do you know if you're really in love or not?

There's an old saying: "If there's any doubt, there's no doubt." What that means is that as long as you're not sure if it's true love, you can be sure it isn't. (This is a somewhat less annoying variation on "When it's real, you know it.") Unfortunately the reverse is not true. You can think y ( Full Answer )

How do you if you're really in love this person?

well its hard to tell but you will know when the time comes, for me it was easy, i was thinking about him all the time and couldent stop, i felt so emotional, i knew i could trust him, everytime im around him my heart flutters etc, you jus know

What is the meaning of you're really clicking?

If you are clicking then something is going on. You are getting things done, achieving something. It's about making progress. The numbers on the counter are mounting up, each click is one more.....

When you are under water are you really wet?

no you are not really wet when you are underwater! when you come out of the water everthing is basicly dry but you are not. people don't really feel like they are wet when they are underwater.

When your deep in water are you actually wet?

If you are literally in deep water, you would be wet (unless you were wearing a diving suit). However, the phrase is a saying that means that whatever you are doing or trying to say, you are 'out of your depth' - you do not have the experience, kudos, good will or knowledge to deal with situation. ( Full Answer )

Are you wet under water?

am i stupid is a better question! no! when you are under water you are not wet. I believe this because when you go under water you are surrounded by water, water doesn't stick to you when you are under water. Also there is no air under water and to dry you need air and what is air. Air is water! Y ( Full Answer )

What do I do when you're really really hungry?

I think that if you are hungry, you should definitely eat but if it's not time to eat, have a small snack like fruit. If you can't than you will just have to try not to think about it and concentrate on something else.

When you are in water are you actually wet?

No you are not wet. Because there is not distinction of you and the water, there for making you the same as everything else aroung you making you not wet!

If you are completely under water are you really wet?

this is proof... that you are not wet under water because it is surrounding you and when you come out from the water you would be wet because it is only small parts of drops. i have tested this many times myself since i am a highly trained scientist.

What should you do if you're really mad?

If you are mad then you shouldn't resort to violence. You need to either relax or talk to someone about how you feel. Now if you are ad all the time seek professional help. You might have anger issues.

Are you wet when you're under water?

\nyes. \nnot necessarily, your not considered wet because your completely covered in water, though the world may never really know ••\nU\n(that was supposed to be a smiley face, don't ask)

What does You're really growing on me' mean?

It means that youre really becoming part of someone's life. something like that..like, it means, youre really becoming something important to that someone.

Is water actually wet?

The term "wet" is having water, and since water is already water, and since it cannot have itself, water is technically not wet. All objects other than water are 'wet' because 'wet' pertains to an object that isn't entirely made up of water to have water. Since water is entirely made up of water, it ( Full Answer )

Is Australia really wet?

No. Australia is the second driest continent, after Antarctica,which has even less precipitation than Australia.

Why the water is wet?

The definition of wet is covered or saturated with a liquid. Water is a liquid.

Why do get electrocuted if you're wet?

the metal is a conducting metal and when this touches water it becomes the second conductor and so it sends an electrical surge to what ever is touching the water (you!).

What do you do when you're really bored?

If you are really bored you can do lots of stuff! Some examples are: -Make a craft -Hang out with friends or a sibling -Go on an adventure! -Watch a movie! (I recommend "The Hunger Games") -Run a test on something -Read a book -obsess over a star(Josh Hutcherson or One Direction for me!)

What is it that you're really after when it comes to love?

What a great question! There may be as many answers as there are people looking for love, but here are some thoughts. . Companionship. I think humans are built to seek out one primary companion with whom we can have fun. . Intimacy. Like companionship, we're wired for this. We like to have one per ( Full Answer )

Why is water wet?

Because water is a liquid and one of the main properties of liquids are that they are wet, water is also wet.. Another reason is also because water is a compound meaning that the stuff that creates it (hydrogen and oxygen) lose their properties when thy are mixed together. Answer . "Wet" is just ( Full Answer )

How do you get really wet?

im a girl and i rub my clit and push and i get all wet but dont do it in bed unless you want pee sheets lol

Why water are wet?

The hydrogen creates a sticky bond with the oxygen molecule to create what we know as a wet texture.

Why does water wets glass and mercury does not?

water wet glass bcus the force of adhesion between d glass molecules and water molecules is greater dan d force of cohesion between d water molecules and glass

What does the phrase You're all wet mean?

It means you don't know what you're talking about; you are "wet behind the ears" or so naive that you believe things that are not true. .

Why does water wet glass and mercury does not?

Water wets glass because the force of adhesion between the glass molecules and water molecules is greater than the force of cohesion between the water molecules and glass molecules. Mercury does not wet glass because the force of cohesion is greater than the force of adhesion

What do you do when you're really bored at home?

You can do the following: 1. sleep 2.eat 3. listen to music on youtube 4. watch fred, annoying orange, or niga higa on youtube 5.watch TV. 6. make a club house and feel like you cant let anyone in but yourself 7. board games( if u hav any) 8. dance ( its really fun) 9. be random ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you're really bored?

Read a book, watch a movie, take a walk, listen to music, call a friend, answer questions on here, take up an instrument (piano's really easy), write an email. There are lots of stuff to do, open up your mind man!

Is it normal to get really wet when running?

It can be normal for a person to get wet, or perspire while running. It is normal for someone to also sweat more than someone else while doing the same activity.

Why does water water wet glass?

bcos the adhesive force between the water molecules and glass molecules is greater than the cohesive force between them.

What do you do if you're really angry?

If you're a girl, scream in a pillow and if your a boy, throw soft things at the wall. I'm a girl and I know all about being mad. My sister, my parents, lots of things make me mad. I just throw a temper tantrum in my room. Always make sure to lock your door if you have a lock.

Is your body wet under water?

Are you a bit daft? The 'ole purpose of water is to get clean, 'n 'ow can you be clean if you don't wash off? I mean, I don't know 'ow you do it in your 'ome, but normal people stand under the water n' rinse off. So when you take a bath, the 'ole point of that is to rinse yourself of n' make you ( Full Answer )

How do you sleep when you're really awake?

If there is nothing to pay attention to in your environment, no interesting or meaningful sounds, no light penetrating through your eyelids, then your thoughts will turn inward, and that will turn into sleep. This may take some time, however. If it does take time, there is no way to hurry the proces ( Full Answer )

Why do water does not get wet?

A liquid can't be wet, the adjective wet implies that at some point in time it was dry, or that it had a solid firm which can get wet. Ice can be wet but when ice turns into its liquid form there is nothing to be wet. Get it. I guess its kind of like saying a fire can be burnt, when fire itself is e ( Full Answer )