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Check for a loose catalytic convertere heat shield

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Q: When you accelerate your 99 Tacoma makes a rattling noise?
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How do you know how safe CV joint on a Kia Optima?

If it makes a clicking, grinding, rattling, or other noise when you accelerate with the steering turned it is not safe.

Whats wrong with your car if it makes a rattling noise when idle?

Depends on where the noise is whats making the noise. Can you be more descriptive of where and what?

Which part of a rattlesnakes body makes the rattle noise?

Im pretty sure that the rattlesnake makes its noise from its tail by ... well rattling it

Your car makes a weird rattling noise from the exhaust what is it?

usually a loose bolt

Why does my car makes rattling noise when first driven and then goes away?

The batter is low

Rattling noise in the blower fan?

when i turn on the ac in my 2000 honda civic it makes a loud noise when the fan is working what could that be ?

1998 Lincoln Navigator when you accelerate on gas it makes a howling noise?

no it does not

What is the rattling noise inside a littlest pet shops head?

The rattling noise is in there so you can move the head around.

What makes noise in Honda CR-V 1997?

My 1997 Honda CRV is making a rattling noise when driving in rough roads

What makes a ratteling noise in a car?

There are a number of causes for a rattling noise that occurs in a car. These include low oil and an engine that is faulty or going out.

Your Vauxhall astra club 1.6 makes a horrible noise when you accelerate its like a puffing sound it passed its mot fine but you would like to know what it could be?

yea mine makes a funny vibrating noise when i accelerate hard, but it doesnt make it if i accelerate gently? i have no idea sorry

What would cause a rattling noise that comes and goes when you accelerate at low speeds but is not there when going faster?

It could just be the heat shield on the under side of the catalytic converter.

What is wrong with Mazda Tribute if it makes loud rattling noise when accelerating?

Many different things can cause a rattling noise in a Mazda tribute. Stark by checking the engine belts and all brackets for anything that could be loose and causing a rattle.

If a 1994 Nissan Altima makes a rattling noise when you shift from 2nd to 3rd what could it be?

bad throw out bearing

Car makes rattling noise while speedng up?

sounds like the cv joints need replaced

What is the rattling noise in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The noise may be the drive Cain in the 4 wheel drive transfer case . It stretches with age and can hit againt the transfer case sides .Makes a rattling sound . Most noticed will stopped ib gear .

What is the chocolate you eat and it makes a rattling noise?

.It is the paper that is rattling.the people that got finished with it they might were about to throw the paper away.

2002 trailblazer when you accelerate it makes bad knocking sound?

IT is your CV Joints which is making this noise.

What would cause Lincoln aviator to make rattling noise when started?

I'd like to know too! Mine does the same thing - it makes a rattling noise upon startup that goes away after 30 seconds or so and isn't present while driving or idling.

What makes a Ford Focus have accerlation noise?

could be a bad motor mount.mine was bad and I got a lot of vibrating / rattling sounds.

When you are driving your car it makes a rattling noise?

it may be your tire alignment. your tires may need to be re-aligned. a couple of months ago my car started making a rattling noise when we would go about 70 mph on the highway. we found out are tires needed to be aligned again.

What is a rattlesnakes dominant trait?

The Pre-Button is the dominant tarit to a rattlesnake, because it is what makes the rattling noise, in which warns the prey to stay back.

When my car is cold it makes a squeaky noise when you accelerate what does this mean?

It could mean one of your timing belts are loose

Can bad fuel filter cause rattling noise in the engine?


What sound does a broken water pump make?

It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.