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When sugar is dissolved in coffee, the sugar molecules is fitted inside the empty spaces in the water molecules. This means that the volume of coffee does not increase.

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Q: When you add 5ml of sugar to 250ml of coffee the volume is still 250ml?
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How many 250ml cups of sugar in 6lbs of sugar?

As your referring to the mass of something that is being measured by fluid volume, the answer may vary slightly depending on the type of sugar. However, 1 pound of sugar = 2.25 cups (2 and 1/4 cups) sugar 1 cup = 250mL 1 pound (2.25 cups) = 250 x 2.25 = 562.5mL sugar 6 pounds sugar = 562.5mL sugar x 6 = 3,375mL (or 13.5cups) = 3.375L Lets just hope that's not going in to some cooking!

How much sugar is in 250ml of coke?

9 and half tea spoon

Is mixing sugar in coffee a physical or chemical change?

Mixing sugar in a coffee is a physical change. Mixing sugar in coffee is a physical change because it does not form a new substance, it is still sugar and coffee. If you decided to mix sugar and water to make sugar water, the water could be left to evaporate and the sugar crystals would still be there. So mixing sugar in coffee is also very easy to reverse.

How much sugar does a coffee have?

Coffee doesn't have sugar unless it is added to the coffee.

Why can you add sugar or coffee to a cup of water without causing the volume of the water to increase?

The only thing you can add to water to increase its volume is more water.

What products did Cuba produce that attracted American businesses Was it.... Coffee and Sugar Coffee and Oil Sugar and Tobacco Sugar and Oil?

Coffee and Sugar

How does the volume change in tea when sugar is added?

In our daily lives, adding sugar to coffee or tea does not change the volume, at least not perceptibly. The sugar molecules can go to fill the space between water molecules and the suspension remains colorless. If I continue adding sugar until I see white substance at the bottom of the glass/cup, there is no more space for sugar molecules to go and the apparent volume of tea/coffee starts expanding -- the volume of the saturated sugary tea has not changed -- it is the water level rising due to the white sugar at the bottom.

What type of farming do they use in Kenya?

There is mainly coffee but they still farm coco beans and sugar.

Does coffee go with brown sugar?

Yes, coffee goes nicely with brown sugar. You can use white sugar in coffee, if you like, but brown sugar (particularly Demerara) has a little more flavour that complements the coffee.

What does plain black coffee taste like?

Coffee tastes delicious if you add some Coffee-Mate to it. They have tons of great flavors to make your coffee taste fantastic! Personallly I prefer to add the liquid Coffee-Mate to my coffee for the taste but they also have a powder you can add.

Coffee and sugar and banana plantations are examples of?

Coffee, sugar and banana plantations

Do coffee beans naturally contain sugar?

Yes, there is natural sugar in coffee. The natural sugar in coffee is however very low. This therefore means that it has no health implications.