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When you are 4 months can you still suck in your stomach?

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Yes but you may have a little bump at the bottom, it depends how slim and/or how good you muscles are.

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Can you feel baby in your stomach at 4 months?

At four months you should feel some movement of the baby.

Can you lay on your stomach at 4 months?

Well what are you talking about a baby right ?

How long do pink dolphin is carried in its mothers stomach?

4 to 5 months :)

How long will you live with stage 4 stomach cancer?

At least three months.

Can you suck your stomach in while pregnant?

Yes to some extent, one the baby gets to be 4 to 5 pounds (in the third trimester) sucking in your stomach won't help much.

Does camel has 4 stomach?

No, a camel has threestomachs, but it is still a ruminant == ==

When do you start showing a stomach when you are pregnant?

At about 3 to 4 months, very slightly usually

How does a girl stomach look when she is 4 months pregnant?

its usually the size of a small canaloupe.

How many months from June 30th to october 30th?

4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.4 months.

What does your stomach feel like when 4 months pregnant?

It feels like one ate too much.

Will refrigerated yogurt expired by 4 months cause stomach problems?

Probably because it is a Dairy Product.

What did chris perino get sentenced to?

4 months. But it is still in appeal.

Will 2012 occur?

It has and there are still about 4 months left in the year.

Why is it not healthy to sleep on your stomach?

For an individual over the age of 4-5 months it is fine. Only infants from birth to 4 months of age are advised to be put to bed in the supine (on their back) position.

Does laying on your stomach when you are 4 months cause a miscarriage?

No, laying on your stomach isn't harmful to the baby. He/ she is well protected in there and in time you will stop anyway because it wont be comfortable.

Your stomach is hard what can that mean Also you haven't been on your period for almost 4 months?

Well yOu cOuld Be Pregnant..!!

Is Off the Map still on the air?

No. it was cancelled after 4 months in 2011.

Is frozen steak still good 4 months after the expiry date?


How long does pregnancy last in tigers?

tigers pregnancy lasts 4 months they are shorter I'm months because the cubs in he stomach grow and form a lot faster.

How far into your pregnancy can you feel a difference in your stomach?

Hi, In your first pregnancy you usually notice hardening of your tummy, around 3-4 months. With your second pregnancy it can happen a earlier. With multiple pregnancies, it happens earlier still.

You are 4 months pregnant and havent gained any weight nor has your stomach grown or gotten hard should you be worried?


What does it mean when you have really bad pains in your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant also the pains make you cry?

Go to a doctor.

When you first get pregnant where does your stomach get hard?

Do you mean when do you first start showing that your pregnant? Because your stomach does not get hard until you can visibly see that you are carrying a baby which is usually around 4 months.

Can you just have had a baby 4 months early and still be pregnant with its twin?


If you miscarry at 4 months do you still give birth?

Yes. It is definately possible