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When you are driving can you exceed the posted speed limit?


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no, but people do it anyway, that's why we have speeding tickets! not in areas where it says photo enforced but on ahighway it is okay to exceed the speed limit by 5 with out get a ticket


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The law states that you cannot exceed the posted speed limit.

You can be ticketed for traveling at an unsafe speed regardless of the speed limit.

If the posted speed is no safe at the time

By how much did you exceed the posted speed limit?

You may exceed the posted speed limit FOR A FEW MOMENTS while actually in the act of passing, however you must immediately return to the speed limit after the pass is safely completed.

You should not exceed the posted speed limit on residential streets. Deaths from the typhoon were expected to exceed those from the previous storm.

The maximum speed is the posted limit. If there is no posted limit, the maximum speed is set by the local or county government based on the laws of the specific state.

as long as you do not exceed the posted speed limit. the posted speed limit is the maximun speed which a vehicle may be operated. it does not have a built in tolerance for five or ten miles per hour. it is the LIMIT, you could theorecially get a citation for even ONE mile in speed over the limit.

The Law:The speed limit is the speed LIMIT.Reality: It very often is not possible to pass safely with out exceeding the limit, the book says if you have to speed you should not pass.The fact that we often do exceed the limit to safely pass, and the Police look the other way (if it is by a minor amount, and the pass is made safely) is immaterial. They can ticket you for exceeding the posted limit at any time.

No. Speeding is speeding. If they are not going slow enough for you to pass them without exceeding the speed limit, then don't pass them.

According to the law: No. In reality: If you have to momentarily exceed the limit to safely pass a slower moving vehicle, the police will rarely stop you.

The posted speed limit is the max speed.

No nobody should be driving below posted limit and it will speed them up as long as u back off slightly after they've achieved posted limit driving below or to high above posted limit causes more accidents then trying to make someone go the speed limit

Just as in most places you can be fined for driving faster than the posted maximum speed limit, in some places you can be fined for driving slower than the posted minimum speed.

(in the US) Unless otherwise posted, 25 mph is commonly the universal speed limit in populated areas of an urbanized environment. Other than that, every state has a maximum speed limit codified in their laws. You may not exceed the maximum speed limit for your state, whether it is posted or not.

Yes, you can get a SPEEDING ticket for driving too slow !

It is never legal to go above the posted limit. Even when passing a vehicle. That's called an absolute speed law. Only emergency vehicles responding to an emergency may exceed the limit and then only when "reasonable".

I don't know the answer you'd get from an insurance agent, a police officer, a lawyer, or a judge. My experience has been: -- If you exceed the posted limit and keep up with traffic, you can be picked out of the crowd and ticketed for speeding, and there's nothing you can do about it. -- If you drive at the posted limit while everybody else passes you like you're in reverse, you can be picked out of the crowd and ticketed for obstructing traffic, and there's nothing you can do about it.

In Indiana reckless driving is considered if the operator of the vehicle is going 15+ miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

In general the answer is, technically, no, you may not. However if you are passing a slower moving vehicle it would be considered 'lawful' to exceed the limit to pass the slower moving vehicle and then immediately return to the posted limit once it was passed.

Whatever the posted speed limit is.

If the runway is in the city, the speed limit is 20 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

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