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when getting braces on! Yes, and no! Yes, because when you first get them It will hurt a little bit! But after a while it goes away! And if u have crooked teeth like me it hurts a whole lot more!

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Does getting braces hurt honestly?

Getting braces only hurt when they first tighten it. It loosens up in a couple days.

Does it hurt when yougr braces get fixed?

yes it does hurt when you get your braces fixed. Its just like getting your braces put on again for the first time.

Does it hurt when you get invisible braces?

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

Does braces hurt getting them on?

No, it does not hurt while getting braces on but it is uncomfortable, and afterwards it hurts

Do tightenung braces hurt?

No getting braces tighten does not hurt it only is uncomfortable but after a hour with your braces they start to hurt.

If you are 11 years of age will braces hurt?

does getting braces hurt?, cuz i will get braces i dont know when i want one but i dont know will it hurt or not

Does it hurt to get braces?

Getting braces will hurt for some people but not all. Everyone is different.

Should you be worried about getting braces?

Not at all! I was extremely worried about getting braces. I was afraid that it would hurt. It doesn't hurt at all! Don't worry about getting braces, you'll have a beautiful smile afterward! :)(P.S. Many people are asking if getting your braces tightened hurts. I got mine tightened for the first time a few weeks ago, and everywhere it said 'getting your braces tightened hurts.) It doesn't hurt. Maybe some people have different types of braces, but I assure you there is nothing to be worried about!)

Why do braces hurt the next day?

Braces hurt because your teeth are moving, they're getting straight!

Do check retractors hurt when getting braces?

It didn't hurt when i got my teeth whitened so i don't think it will hurt when you get braces

Does tighterning braces hurt?

Getting your braces tightened may hurt depending how crooked your teeth are and how tender your gums are.

I'm getting braces on tomorrow so how long do your braces hurt for once you get them on?

They can hurt for a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depends on the amount of braces and the person.

Does it hurt to get your braces tightened?

it does hurt i dont have braces YETT but im getting them and alot of my friends who have braces say the dont hurt when they put them on & dont hurt when they take them offf. but it sure as helll does when the tighten theem.:)hope this hellped!!

Does getting a tooth extracted and getting braces hurt?

When you first get braces, it will hurt for a couple days. To stop the pain so much, eat soft food like mash, baked beans, yoghurt ect. Afrter about a week, you wont even realise you have braces! Sorry, I cant help you on the other one!

Does it hurt getting your braces off?

Sometimes it depends but when i got my braces taking off it barely hurt! At some points it might hurt but not bad. If you are getting your braces off soon just relax and if the ord. does something that hurts tell them. Say "ow" or "that hurts" (if you can). Hope this helped!

Is getting braces going to hurt?

I recently just got my braces taken off. Yes be prepared for a little pain at first but the pain soon wears away just stick to soft foods when your braces hurt which they probably will do everytime you get them tightened. If they do hurt, what I used to do was, take some paracetemols to dim the pain.

Do getting braces hurt?

When they're putting them on then NO but you won't like the yukky stuff they put it tastes nasty. The first week then YES it will hurt ALOT the first week you get them. After that it doesn't hurt at all. But when you get them tightened then they hurt for only that one day. Good luck if your getting them, the results are amazing! :)

Do removable braces hurt?

All braces are removable and if you have them on already that is the worst it's going to feel like getting them off doesn't hurt it's actually relieving and doesn't hurt.

Do braces hurt while putting them on?

To me the braces doesn't hurt. Before thinking of getting braces think of a person putting super glue on your teeth it doesn't hurt that bad. Then you can choose your color for your braces 1 time every month. But if you put your braces like when you are 17 it hurts more so I recommend you to do your braces as soon as possibleI took out my braces already. =]

Why do braces hurt after getting them put on?

after u get braces it hurts because u r not used to them and it is very uncomfortable.

Do bracecs hurt?

Yes and no. They hurt when you first get them but after that, they only hurt when you get them tightened. But braces are so worth it.

Does it hurt getting top braces on?

No, i have top and bottom, when you get them on in the first week or so it hurts and your teeth feel fragile so just stick to soft foods, but when you are getting it done it doesn't hurt at all!

Should a thirteen year old get braces?

i am 11 and i have braces if you r umcofortable with the idea get clar brace it hurt getting metal braces in my oppinian

Do chips hurt if you just got braces?

Yes, my sister says so, she has braces and I have 3 braces on my back teeth. They do hurt to eat with braces the first week, but trust me, you'll get used to it. Hope this helps! :-)

Does getting braces out hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt when you get your braces out. They just pop them out and it only takes a few seconds, although you might feel a little pressure when they are loosening them. Other than that they don't hurt at all.