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When you are in an airplane accident what are the possibilities to survive?


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Always read the safety card and watch the safety videos. they are there to increase your chances of survival. Sit no more than 5 rows from an emergency exit (check out the position of the exit when you are being given the safety video/announcement) and preferably over the wings - this is one of the toughest parts of an aircraft. If you are aware of your proximity to the exits and how to get to them, it has been shown to help people escape - one method, for example if the fuselage fills with smoke, is to crawl to the exit below the intense smoke - or if you are in darkness/in a situation of impaired visibility- if you have counted how many rows back from the exit and whether you are behind or in front of it - even with low visibility, you will be able to 'feel' how many rows of seats you are from the exit. Always make sure that you are aware of the mechanism for opening and closing your lapbelt - belive it or not, people have in panic not been able to release themselves when hanging upside down in a crashed airliner. Depending on where your seat is, learn, from the safety card the appropriate brace position for your seat. Eg, if you have no seat directly in front of you, you must adopt a different safety brace position. In certain accidents where there is catastrophic failure of the fuselage caused by mid air impact, a bomb etc. there really wouldn't be a safe place anywhere! The above advice may help you in a forced/emergency landing situation or where there are problems on takeoff and it is necessary to abort takeoff but the plane simply overshoots the runway.