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well my mom told me that if ur belly is upper then its a girl and if its more down then its a boy n my mom guessed a girl n is had a girl which is me :)

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How to renew passport

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Q: When you are pregnant can you tell whether your baby is a boy or girl without a doctor's visit?
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If your pregnant when do you have your first scan?

When you schedule your first doctors visit!

What do the doctors do when your baby dies inside of you at 1 month pregnancy?

A miscarriage at 1 month will probably pass itself, and you will barely notice it (whether you even knew you were pregnant when it happened is also unlikely). If you were, or think you were, pregnant and are concerned with having had a miscarriage, you should visit your doctor. They can confirm whether or not you are or were pregnant and possibly whether the embryo is still there.

When should you go for your first pregnancy doctors visit?

As soon as you know or think that you may be pregnant.

How to know when a girl is pregnant?

The only way to find out for sure if a girl is pregnant is take a pregnancy test or visit a doctors office.

When do you go to first doctor visit when pregnant?

Most doctors will schedule your first appointment when you're about 8 weeks into the pregnancy.

Can Amish visit doctors?

Yes. Almost all Amish people are allowed to visit doctors.

Say your 15 and pregnant in the state of georgia. can you make a doctors appointment by yourself and go to the doctor without a guardian of some sort if so does it cost?

If anyone questions your age, say you're 16 and be sure to say you'll be paying cash for the visit. Most doctors charge $75 to $100. Just call and ask "How much is an office visit?"

How soon can you know if im pregnant?

Answermost pregnancy test can tell you up to five days before your missed period i have a friend that found out when she was only two weeks pregnant during a doctors visit though

A visit to the doctors office is an example of which of these?


Can doctors come to home visit?

some doctors do. i think if your really sick they will come to you.

Should a take a pregnancy test even though i know i should be pregnant?

It certainly cant hurt but I'd recommend a doctors visit to be sure and for proper care.

How can a pregnant teenager make the decision whether to put the baby up for adoption or whether to keep it?

If you are pregnant and don't know what to do, you should call or visit a Pregnancy Support Center or Family Planning Center. They have people who can work with you and help you reach the right decisions.

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