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When you ask for directions to a post office you are asking about what?


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If you ask someone for directions to a post office you are asking them how to get to the actual facility where they collect and sort mail. At the post office customers can also pay for postage and mail their letters and packages.


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When you ask for directions to a post office, you are asking about location.

When someone asks for directions to a post office they are asking about the place. It is probably because they need to mail a package or buy some stamps.

The Post Office can rekey the mailbox if the mailbox is owned by the Post Office. All you have to do is call your local Post Office and ask them to rekey. There is a charge, however, of around $50 to do this.

A Post Office personal loan is a competitive personal loan with various amounts. One can ask for a Post Office personal loan for different periods of time.

Purchase them at the Post Office and ask for them by name.

go to a main US post office and ask

Ask at an post office in your country.

go to the post office and ask where can you get postum at.

Ask also in a Canadian post office.

Ask your local post office

The best way to contact a local postmaster is to call the number of the post office in the phone directory. Another way is to ask for her or him at the post office window.

Go to, or phone, your local post office and ask.

Ask in your country at a post office.

You can print them offline,, or you can ask for them at the post office. If you don't ask for them and fill them out at the post office, some offices will put the shipping information on one for you and stick it to the package themselves.

Depends from where you send it. Ask in your local post office.

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