Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

When you break up with an abuser and he doesn't call does this mean he is not hurting?



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He's ticked off that you have taken control over your own life and you're basically "the one that got away" and good for you! Don't start second-guessing yourself and why should you care what your abuser thinks. My first husband was physically/mentally abusive to me and I kicked him to the curb once I wrapped my brain around the fact this behavior was unacceptable and I left him. Of course I felt odd being on my own, but I sure got use to it, enjoyed it, got a new job, new friends and moved onward and upward. I've never regretted it. Abusers are controllers and I wouldn't go so far as to say they didn't often love their mate (even though they have a weird way of showing it) but, they are fighting a war within themselves so it leaves no room for those they love.