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He pays income taxes. You pay sales taxes.

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Q: When you buy a used car in Illinois does the seller pay any taxes?
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The price of a used Glock g27?

The price of any used item(s) can vary from seller to seller.

Does a private seller of a car pay any taxes?

No, you've already paid taxes on it when you bought it, so the one buying it from you is the one who will pay the sales tax.

Who has to file income taxes in Illinois?

Anyone with any income, or even without an income can file. You are required to file Federal taxes if you made more than $1,800. Illinois requires anyone that earns or receives income in the state to file state taxes.

Can you take your used car back?

If that used car is under a warranty or a time line offered by the seller, then you can take it back to the seller. Not if you do not have any agreement. Sale is fine.

WILL the borrower BE hELD responsible for property taxes during foreclosure?

It depends on whether or not they have already been paid. Some sellers request a partial refund for any taxes already paid. Others will pay them for you. Just depends on what the seller wants to do really.

Paid cash for your home 119271.71 where does this amount go on your taxes for 2007?

Purchasing a house is not tax-deductible.You can deduct mortgage interest (which you do not have) and property taxes. If you received a property tax credit from the seller, which appears on the settlement sheet from your closing, you must net that against any taxes you paid during 2007. If there was any credit for taxes due in 2008, net that portion of the credit against property taxes you pay in 2008 to figure your deductible portion.

Do you have to pay taxes on your company furnished pickup that is used for construction projects?

no your employer is responsible for taxes , license, and any needed permits.

Is it required for seller to prorate real estate taxes?

Real estate tax laws in the United States vary state by state. However, I do not know of any state that requires the seller to prorate real estate taxes. Instead the proration of real estate taxes is local custom and generally written into an agreement to buy or sell real estate. Contractually, upon agreement of the parties involved, the real estate taxes are generally prorated so that whoever owned the real estate during the calendar year pays for that same portion of the real estate taxes.

Where can I find a used car from private seller in Sparks, NV?

The best way to find a used car from a private seller in any city is through your local classifieds. Also try or and search by your area.

Are there any geysers in Illinois?

no there is no geysors in illinois

How does unemployment affect your taxes?

you won't have any money to pay any taxes

How many territories in Illinois?

Illinois does not have any territories.

How do I contact the Beltal seller?

You can contact any Beltal seller by clicking on the "Ask Seller a Question" link in the item page. This feature allows you to send an email to a seller, even if you have not yet purchased the item.

Are there hurricanes in Illinois?

No there are not any hurricanes in Illinois because it is not by the ocean.

Should you buy a house with an IRS lien?

The lien must be paid at the closing from any proceeds that are to be paid over to the seller.The lien must be paid at the closing from any proceeds that are to be paid over to the seller.The lien must be paid at the closing from any proceeds that are to be paid over to the seller.The lien must be paid at the closing from any proceeds that are to be paid over to the seller.

Is base salary before or after taxes?

Before taxes, before any dedcutions, before any fringe benefits, it is BASE.

What is economcs market?

In economics, a market is any place or any setup that allows a buyer to meet a seller. Goods can be exchanged for a cash settlement and the seller can make a profit.

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Flamingos only live in zoos in Illinois.

Where can you buy Brazilian hair?

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Why are taxes necessary in your country?

Taxes are any country's government's source of income

Do your race have any bearing on your federal income taxes?

Race does not have any bearing on US Federal income taxes.

Are there any grants that help disabled pay property taxes?

Are there any grants to help the disabled with proberty taxes?

Do any calculators help with taxes?

The Texas Instrument TI86 is a great calculator for doing taxes or any finances.

What part of Illinois did hail occur?

Hail can occur in any part of Illinois.

Has there been any bigfoot sightings in Illinois?

Several, mostly in Southern Illinois.

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